Thursday, 19 May 2011


 "Between 7th and 9th Streets from 'O' to 'R' Streets this old Farmers Market 
includes over 30 restaurants, taverns and retail boutiques"

I guess this part of Nebraska had its share of English settlers judging from the name of Lincoln and the fact it is in Lancaster county. My farming ancestors lived near Lancaster (England) but they headed for Canada, I suppose they could have just as easily ended up in Nebraska.

My sender, Maria, says she likes this part of the city. The old factories are now apartments, stores and restaurants, which she says makes it a great place to 'people watch' in the warmer months. Doesn't that sound a great place to relax. New life for old buildings. 

The card came with
one of the new Jazz stamps which I wrote about in the previous post, and by serendipity both these postcards were of the mid west. The old tourist slogan for Nebraska used to read "Where the West Begins"  

The two flowers are from the new Herbs set, painted in full size by Teresa Fasolino for the stamps designed by Phil Jordan. The set's idea is to show the various uses for herbs, for fragrance, flavouring, medicine and decoration.  I like how Fasolino shows the plants like a identity guide, the flower, leaves and seed. These two are the blue flax and the fragrant lavender.

Thank you Maria, hope the weather is warming up for those leisurely days. 

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