Monday, 23 May 2011

Birthday Cheer

My first Inge Löök card I have actually held in my hand, rather than look longingly on the web.   I love these anarchist grannies, as Inge Löök says it is the small things that make a life worth living.  She has produced many cards of their adventures as well as illustrations of flowers (her first occupation was a gardener).  There is so much going on in this painting, of course our grannies are very old so there are lots of candles on the cake.  I think a train line on a table is an idea with possibilities, those nibbles chugging towards you without having to move an inch.

My sender, Jaana, lives in a small village in eastern Finland by the Saimaa, the largest lake in Finland. I hope there are some women like these grannies there, laughing and enjoying life.

The card came with
one of the extra fee stamp for adding to the value of a previously purchased stamp, a great idea to make it a shape of a plus sign, this one featuring a birch bud. The other stamp is one of six of familiar buildings in Finland, celebrating the 200th anniversary in September of the government building operations. This particular building is the Government Palace, designed by Carl Ludwig Engel, which today holds the prime minister's office, the chancellor of justice and departments of the Ministry of Finance.

Thank you Jaana, a great and fun card. 


Christine H. said...

I love these grannies. I hope to emulate them one day.

jane said...

Wow that is a very busy card when you zoom in on it - youcan really see those goodies piled up - and the train chugging round is hilarious x