Sunday, 31 May 2020


2019: SEPAC - Old Residential Houses (Photograph - Ólavur Frederiksen)
The turf roofed house in Kirkjubøur dates to the 11th Century and is one of the oldest still inhabited wooden houses in the world.  A home to bishops in the middle ages until the reformation and since then 17 generations of the Paturssons have lived here.  The medieval parts of the building are open to the public.  The church on the postcard is St Olav, the oldest church in the Faroes dating to 1111.  This southernmost village on Stremoy was once the ecclesiastical and cultural centre of the Faroes.  Legend has it that the wood for the farmhouse came as driftwood from Norway (there are no forests in the Faroes).  Norway has lots of wooden building
1987: Centenary of the Sadvig Collection (Designer and Engraver - S Morken)
including those at Mainhaugen near Lillehammer home to the Sadvig open air museum.  There are 200 building from different eras including traditional 18th and 19th Century wooden buildings and a Stave church.  The collection was started by Anders Sadvig and the stamp shows a horse and rider cut into wood by Kristen Erland Listad (1726-1802) a carver known for his wooden figures, the toy horse is in the Maihaugen Museum
1966: Greek Folk Art
For something both practical and  beautiful these wooden knitting needle boxes would take some beating
1984: World Heritage
and  for pure decoration who could resist a spotted leopard from the coast of Guinea.

Detail of Carved Chinese Wooden Chest, Lever Art Gallery

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is - Things Made from Wood - carve out a path to See It On A Postcard


Mail Adventures said...

Wow, you found very interesting stamps today!
The green roofs are lovely.

FinnBadger said...

I can't imagine living in a house that is 1000 years old... I wonder if they have internet? :)

violet s said...

Definitely a house built to last - though I doubt they ever imagine it would last quite this long!
Those carved boxes are lovely - but I'm trying to figure out how they hold knitting needles?

Ana said...

A really nice selection of stamps, all new to me!
That Guinea Bissau stamp looks scary to me, haha :D

Bob Scotney said...

There were many wooden houses in Norway and I even had a flet in one in Stavanger for a while but nothing could match what you have found in he Faroes.