Sunday, 10 May 2020


December 1946: Winter Relief
As the cheery buntings are out here for 75th Anniversary VE Day here is post war Europe.  I could not find anything out about winter relief but the stamps show a destitute mother and child and a child begging for food. I seem to have only the grim stamps of this set for others show happy children receiving parcels.  They would need aid for the winter of 1946/7 was brutally cold with food shortages. From these grey times things got better, for all things pass
1965: International Children's Day
and here we are planting trees and going to the beach because
1996: Child Welfare Week (Design - Takashi Yanase)
the sun is out.
2014: Save the Children (Design - Jakob Monefeldt)
Charity is still required and this stamp supports Save the Children (Red Barnet).  The crisscrossing words in different colours tell a child's story for Jakob Monefeldt always likes to tell a story through his stamps.

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is - Mothers/Children - See It On A Postcard  


FinnBadger said...

Those first stamps are a bit grim, aren't they.

Definitely a lot more joy as you go down the post.

I enjoyed the photo, too - love the leash attached to the harness :)

viridian said...

Thank you Joy, for sharing.

Mail Adventures said...

"Sad" stamps are extremely rare.
I love a lot the idea of the story on the last stamp.

Ana said...

oh, another on-spot mother/child stamp for today! way to go!

I do like those grim stamps actually - make you aware about the not so good things in life in this world

violet s said...

I think these are the first grim stamps I've seen. I can't imagine putting those on a Christmas or birthday card!
I love that Jakob Monefeldt has all his stamps listed together.

Bob Scotney said...

I think I have some grim ones as well but nothing tat would match the Red Barnet stamp from Denmark.