Sunday, 12 January 2020

Flags of Nations

1993: Lake Constance European Region (Design - Wittmer)
This stamp is also called 'Collaboration about Bodensee' indicated by the three country flags of the surrounding nations, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the paddle steamer Hohentweil (originally owned by the German Railways from 1913-1962) steaming along the lake. I have a Swiss map card here which shows the lake geography and mountains.
2011: Blue and White (Design - Ingela Peterson Arrhenius)
The flag of Sweden is celebrated every year with a public holiday on the 6th June and in 2011 they also got the opportunity to put it on their post. The three crowns seen on the colour coordinated person are the national emblems of Sweden and I like the reverse image of the daisies by the flag pole stamp.   The last stamp I guess shows Stockholm's sightseeing tourist 'hop on hop off' red bus.
1986: Flags of Member States; 7th Issue (Design - Ole Hamann)
My final flag is from the United Nations familiar 'Flags' series. The Antigua and Barbuda flag was adopted in 1967 to mark self-government.
'Fresh British Milk' Bottles

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violet s said...

I've never seen the flag of Antigua and Barbuda before - it has an intriguing design with those large red triangles.
Many here have long wished for a national flag day holiday, which would fall on 15 Feb - but sadly it has never come to pass.

FinnBadger said...

A nice wide-ranging mini-collection. Interesting to see how they arranged the 3 flags on the German stamp.

Those milk bottles are a lot of fun!

Mail Adventures said...

Those Swedish stamps make you think of a party!

Bob Scotney said...

That Antigua & Barbuda stamp is magnificent. Wish we had milk bottles now.