Sunday, 26 January 2020

Year of the Rat

2008: Year of the Rat (Design - Harvey Chan)
The artist Harvey Chan chose as his inspiration for the Year of the Rat a Chinese story about 'The Mouse Bride'. The Canadian domestic rate stamp shows her beautifully attired complete with parasol and little bag. (The rat loves opulence) The hidden date of the stamp can be found on the parasol pole, better seen here.  The stamp came to me with part of the stamp sheet selvedge which shows the animals of the Chinese zodiac, the two stamp Canadian miniature sheet featured both bride and groom with the animals bringing their gifts to the wedding surrounding them.
My only other Year of the Rat stamp is one from China but happily as I have the stamp booklet get more than one rat - one on the cover
1984: Year of the Rat (Design - Li Yinqing from a painting by Zhan Tong; Engraver - Hu Zhenyuan)
and three inside. I must say those fingers are more elegant than mine when I tried to recreate the sign.  2020 is the year of the metal rat and it brings a year of new beginnings and renewal, a good time to start a new project or direction in life but only if it is well planned.

Sunday Stamps II theme this week - Chinese New Year Animals - start the Lunar Year with See It On A Postcard


Mail Adventures said...

Wow, the design of that cover looks very 21st century!

violet s said...

That souvenir sheet with all the animals around the edge is really nice. I wish I had one.
The Chinese rat is so cute. And I have tried, and failed miserably, at making that sign!!
Maybe a new direction in life for me could be more dexterity?

FinnBadger said...

That booklet is lovely. And I enjoy the unusual shapes in the selvage of the Canadian Rat stamp.

Don't worry, no dexterity here, either!

Bob Scotney said...

I've never seen any of these before; all colourful.