Thursday 10 March 2011


Bodensee or Lake Constance is surrounded by Germany, Switzerland and Austria so this card has the symbols of the three countries in the corner. Switzerland says the boundary runs down the middle, Austria says it is owned jointly as a condominium (shared), Germany has no view on borders but Google Maps does, typing in Bodensee, it prompts, Germany.

I turned to my trusty knee high Times Atlas, I've had it so long boundaries and names of countries have changed, but the geography has not, so the thing that puzzled me about this postcard is explained.  The Swiss Alps are indeed at the top for this view is south at the top, north at the bottom.  The lake normally appears on maps the other way up. So this is a Swiss inspired view of the Bodensee.

It is possible to take the a signed 300 kilometre Bicycle Circuit around the lake, with an additional 60K to lengthen optional, or shorten the ride by taking ferry crossings. The route is mostly on traffic free roads and paths. Sounds a delight.

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