Sunday 18 February 2024

Into the Blue

1960 to ? Definitive  - Postal History - (17th Century Messenger of Freiburg)

The letter deliverer can come from any direction. The tourism cancel features Hermetschwil Monastery (founded in 1082). The Wanderlust blog takes you on a walk through the complex and countryside (in German but the walk is told through photos).

Send letters by airmail
1984: Air
although possibly not in a Farman F60 Goliath which was built as a bomber for World War 1 however it was still going through testing when the war ended. Not fazed Farman converted it into a passenger plane which could carry 12 to 14 people and it became a a popular aircraft for travel. From war to
1995: Europa - Peace and Freedom
2017: Butterflies (Design - Carina Lank)

A summers day with butterflies is to be at peace in the world. A Mazarine Blue, the Swedes call it Klaverblauwtje - Clover Blue (it feeds on red clover) although only the males are blue. In the air from May to August.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - The Colour Blue - you won't feel blue visiting See It On A Postcard

Thursday 15 February 2024

Public Access

 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt for public buildings starts with...

Stadhuis, Grote Markt, Antwerp
Antwerp's magnificent Town Hall, built in the 16th Century when the city was one of the most prosperous cities in Northern Europe. The interior and exterior have recently been renovated so the exterior looks a little different in colour to this postcard as can be seen here.

Belgium of course is famous for its beer

and like the Belgians we enjoy our beer too in the UK, other drinks available. The artist, Bernie Carroll, invites you to a 'heritage pub crawl' to the public houses of Lancaster.  The oldest pub is The Three Mariners dating back to the 15th Century.  Pubs have had a tough time since Covid with many closing but I think all these are still trading maybe because Lancaster is a university town and you know how thirsty students are.
Bernie provides you with tick boxes on the postcard's reverse to add to any messages.

Sunday 11 February 2024



1981: Inscription by Chou En-lai

Chinese calligraphy is an art however some ancient scripts are difficult to read for modern Chinese people which is why I think this is regular scrip (Kai shu) for it is a message to be read with ease.  It says - "To deliver mail for 10 thousand li has bearing on arteries and veins of the country". (A li has altered in measurement over the centuries as it was orignally based on the size of a field or village but in modern times has been standardised to half a kilometre),

2017: 200th Anniversary of Balzers Post Office/Letter Collection Point

Mail coaches could also have taken up that mantra of delivering mail. This posthorn is surrounded by some attractive calligraphy on both stamp and cancel

When this postman, Franz Frick (1907-1975), started his career in Balzers it was an age of fine penmanship

seen on the postcards and envelopes of the era.

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Thursday 8 February 2024


 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt is in search of Windmills so where to start...

of course it has to be the Netherlands and the Kinderdijk with its 19 windmills.

2017: PHQ Card series - Windmills and Watermills

Head over the channel to Kent and Woodchurch windmill which has a view over Walland Marsh, land that was reclaimed into farmland many centuries ago.

Aland Exhibition Card for Taipei 2015 (30th Asian Int Stamp Exhibition)

Taiwan has huge offshore windfarms but it seems also a traditional windmill.  I like the light in this card, it reminds me of Greece.   The artist Tord Nygren painted an attractive set of Exhibition Cards around the theme of windmills for Aland Post, here is another one under rather stormier skies,

Sunday 4 February 2024

Harbour Lights


1968: Centenary of Esbjerg Harbour (Design - M Stage; Engraver - Cz Slania)

This harbour light has seen many changes in 100 years, Esbjerg was once home to 600 fishing vessels but in contrast today it is one of the world's largest shipping ports for wind turbines.

1987: Views
Sailing in Havelet Bay, I think the harbour light in the background is the approach into St Peter Port
2003: Europa: Six Decades of Tourism Poster Art

which could be this one which featured on a 2002 poster when Guernsey Tourism's theme was 'Naturally Guernsey'
1986: Tourism Series
The cancel hides the attractiveness of Calella Lighthouse (inaugurated in 1859) which can be seen here, although one of our number will know this already.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Lighthouses - See It On A Postcard

Thursday 1 February 2024


See It On a Postcard's  Thursday Postcard Hunt is on the watch for Lighthouses...

Le phare de la Vieille et la pointe du Raz

One mile west of the Pointe du Raz is possibly France's most photographed and famous lighthouse in the turbulent seas off Finistere, France's westernmost point.  It takes it name from the rock it stands on La Vieille and there are a lot of rocks unseen under the water adding to the danger of this stretch of water.. The lighthouse has been operational since 1887 and replaced the one seen in the distance in the photograph

Christmas at Walney Lighthouse

.A lighthouse you don't need a boat to get to on Walney Island (there is a bridge).  This is my local lighthouse and its claim to fame is that was the last one in England to be automated (2003) and was home to the only female Principal Keeper of a lighthouse in the country.

"Lost at Walney Lighthouse" Artist - John Duffin

 Here is an artist view. I always try and pick up John Duffin's postcards when he has a local exhibition but last time discovered I had more versions than were on saleđŸ˜„

Sunday 28 January 2024



1998: Definitives - Paintings by Jean-Frederic Schnyder

Trees for all seasons and it looks like summer in Franches-Monagnes but elsewhere we are in winter with a painting of a  'Snowdrift near Neuthal'

1988: Swiss-Chinese Friendship (Design - Xu Yan Bo)

The reflection of trees in Slender West Lake, Yangzhou, China

1976: Bailiwick Views
A sea view from the pine forest on Guernsey

1988: 200th Anniversary of the birth of Joseph von Eichendorff

A sturdy oak.  A woodcut by Ludwig Richter of the poem 'Solitude of the Green Woods' by the romantic poet Joseph von Eichendorff and whose family name means 'oak village'.  I couldn't find the poem but here is an extract from his novella 'Life of a Good-for-Nothing' (Aus dem Leben eines Taugenchts) which contains dozens of poems and where he spends a lot of time wandering around hills and forests and then falling asleep in trees.  Someone once called this novella "far too happy". Trees can have that effect.

"He to whom God Wants to show his favour

God sends him out into the wide world

To him He will reveal his miracles

In hill and woods, stream and field"

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