Sunday, 24 October 2021



1971: Cats and Dogs

Cats have got the ball this week.

1978: Korean Animal Paintings

Oh no another dog is muscling in, and a bird too

1999: Cats and Dogs (Design Verèt Lemarinier)

Surely there is only room for cats here

1994: Greetings Stamps

I'm going to write a letter asking for some more felines said Orlando the Marmalade Cat.

2011: 50th Anniversary of the WWF

Hello.  Looking for me?

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Sunday, 17 October 2021



1960: Postal History (15th Century Schwyz Cantonal Messenger)

Tiny dog and postman. Is it wanting to play and think he is going to throw the stick? If the messenger gets lost in the mountains

1989: St Bernard Pass 2000 Years (Design - Jules-Olivier Bercher)

then here is a sight that would warm the heart, both dog or brandy.

2001: Dogs (Design - I Jacobson)

In Sweden it looks like one would be rescued by Alsatians, not quite as cute.

1993: Definitive Series (Design Celistino Piatti; Engraver M Muller)

 Meanwhile by the light of a full moon this dog is not howling at the moon but perhaps
1964: Forest Animals

listening to the wolves.

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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Autumn Harvest


1966: Harvest Festival (Design - H Matoszewska)

A pretty harvest festival in Poland 

1993: Four Seasons - Autumn fruits and leaves (Design - Charlotte Knox)

and a festival in the hedgerows and woods. Worcestershire is a fruit growing area so presume that is the reason for the Worcester cancel. It is most famous for its early season apple the Worcester Permain which coincidentally is the same colour as the desert pear on the stamp - a Doyenne du Comice.  I like apples much more than pears, unless they are in a perry cider.

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Sunday, 3 October 2021

Denmark Celebrates


A celebration of Denmark's 1000 years as a nation.  The cover features a stamp from the millennial issue
1953-56: Millennial (Design - V Bang)

featuring a Jelling stone, a Jutland runestone from the 10th Century which is associated with the creation of Denmark. Today the stones are under a glass cover to protect them from the elements.

Another piece of Danish history. The cover celebrates the 200th anniversary of the abolition of villeinage, or serfdom, in Denmark
1988: Abolition of Villeinage

Serfdom had ended in 1702 but the landlords imposed a new system which obliged the Danish peasants to remain in their place of birth until the age of 40  which was called adscription (a word I had to look up the meaning - "the quality or state of being added, annexed or bound")  Happily this oppressive condition was repealed in 1788.  (Serfdom: Tied to the Land of Their Birth). The stamp shows Christian VII riding past the Liberty Memorial from a painting by CW Eckersberg for the 50th Anniversary of adscription.

Liberty Memorial Copenhagen
I couldn't resist showing this 1863 view of the Liberty Memorial, my eyes taken with the tram riders.

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Sunday, 26 September 2021



1987: Traditional Equestrian Sports

The romance of Mongolia's wide open spaces and horses too. One could sleep easy in those yurts after days in the fresh air of the grasslands. 

1981: 50th Anniversary of Graf Zeppelin Polar Flight

Stamp on stamp, a zeppelin and animals, what more could one want. The 20 features a white tailed sea eagle whose nesting grounds can be found in the north of Mongolia. No walrus in Mongolia I think but we have had one this year visiting Ireland and Wales, a long long way from home. He became quite a celebrity and gained an alliterative name - Wally Walrus, It is thought this juvenile adventurer is now making his way back up to the arctic after spending spring and summer in the Irish Sea. 

Returning to the stamps which feature the adventure of flying a zeppelin over the polar region with the 1931 German zeppelin stamps. One would need a generous stamp fund to buy the original German series of stamps today..

An arctic fox with the German zeppelin stamp and a polar bear which features the Russian stamp of 1931 featuring the  '|Icebreaker Malygin in the Arctic'. The icebreakers mission was to locate a suitable place for a float-plane base in Franz Josef Land and incredibly also made a rendezvous with Graf Zeppelin there. If today one flew the polar route from North America to Hong Kong then a sight from the window would be flying over Mongolia. 

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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Modern Architecture


2006: Modern Architecture

I like how this set concentrates on the detail of buildings. The 1st - St Mary Axe, London, more commonly know as is nickname - The Gherkin (for its shape), 42p - Maggie's Centre Dundee. Maggie's is a charity providing cancer support who have beautiful buildings across the UK, 44p - the retailers Selfridges, Birmingham. 50p - Downland Gridshell, Chichester - the Weald and Downland Living Museum. 64p - An Turas (Gaelic for 'A Journey) on the  Isle of Tiree, a shelter with a view for those waiting for the ferry. 72p - The Deep - an aquarium built on the confluence of the River Hull and the Humber Estuary.

1987: Europa - British Architects in Europe

One of the big beasts of British Architecture - Norman Foster - the Willis Building in Ipswich - which he designed with his wife Wendy who died quite young.

The Pompidou Centre in Paris created by Richard Rogers ,known for his pioneering 'inside out' buildings such as this and also his belief in the importance of sustainability, his buildings dot the world. As I have now arrived via stamps into continental Europe I will move on
2016: Definitive - Swiss Railway Stations

to Switzerland and the railway station in Lucerne located in the centre of the city near the waterfront. The original 19th Century building that stood here was destroyed by fire, all that remains is the entrance portal which was moved and re-erected facing the lake. The stamp shows the frontage of the modern station which opened in 1991.

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Artists in Germany


The baroque Charlottenberg Palace in Berlin is where this painting can be seen, a perfect match to its rococo interior.  It is a portrait of the Italian dancer Barbara Campanini known as La Baborina and was created in 1745 by the painter to the Prussian Court, Antoinne Pesne.
1983: 300th Birth Anniversary of Antoine Pesne

The cancel which rather disappears into the painting shows the palace entrance.

1978: Impressionist Paintings

Heading to the great outdoors at Lake Walchen. The artist Lovis Corinth divided his time between Berlin and the family chalet by the lake and mountains. He must have loved this place for he painted it obsessively. The painting is 'Easter at Walchensee' (1922) showing the melting winter snows on the mountain tops.

Both these two paintings, Horseman Turning Left on the Shore and Lady with a Cat are held by the Landesmuseum, Hanover whose current special exhibition is Plein Air Paintings 1850-1930 based around 4 themes, one of which is By the Sea so the horse will be there. As for the Lady with the Cat I can't decide if that would be 'In the Garden' or  'In the Country' but maybe can rule out In the City but one can never guess where a cat will make its home.

1992: 20th Century German Paintings

'Landscape with Horse' by Franz Marc. Horses were his favourite animal to paint and he also viewed animals as more innocent and beautiful than human beings.  He died at the Battle of Verdun in 1916, which may somehow prove his point.

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