Sunday 25 July 2021


 Transporting people, post and products in past times are -

2003: Philexjeunes Stamp Exhibition - Utility Vehicles (Design Francois Bruere)

A 1932 Renault coach stopped by what looks like a mountain lake and a remarkably clean coal delivery vehicle

1978: Day of the Stamp (Design J Krall)

A rather quaint post-bus of 1913.


2020: Mail Ships (Design Andrew Robinson)

Taking to the water here is a three masted steamer, the Ariadne built in 1823. I thought at first the funnel was a lighthouse, then I saw the smoke coming out of it... 

This time I can tell the difference. The 'Antelope' steaming past a  harbour light. This was the first of three ships built for the Great Western Railway when they started the Weymouth-Channel Islands service. Her maiden voyage was on 3rd August 1889

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Sunday 18 July 2021

Stamp Travels


1902-1914: Railway Parcel Stamp (Design Francois Poortman)

I  may have taken the Sunday Stamps theme 'issued in the 1900s' too literately I discover but enjoyed delving back to the first decade of the 20th Century. So, all aboard the steam train we are travelling in the parcels van on Belgium's extensive rail network. Almost seems a shame to use this lovely stamp on a parcel

as it will get a sturdy postmark.Thwack. I enjoy the romance of all those different place names. The square oblong postmarks are the railway service cancels, the post office used round cancels.

Underneath this cancel is a winged rail wheel which would become a familiar motif on Belgium parcel stamps.  I will continue my journey through the Belle  Époque and visit

1907: Industrial Exposition

Spain. These stamps were issued at the 1907 Industrial Exposition for purchase by collectors but not issued by the Spanish postal service and not valid for postage. A memento of a visit. They show King Alfonso and Queen Victoria Eugenia (granddaughter of GB's Queen Victoria).
1906: 40 Years Rule of Prince and King (Design I Pompilian)

More royalty as  Prince Carol I meets Osman Pasha at the end of the Russo-Turkish War (1877-78) also called in this context the Romanian War of Independence.  Carol was Marshal of the Russian troops and commander of the Romanian forces.

1908: King Carol I (Design I Pompilian Engraver G Popescu)

Here his beard has grown lush. Ruled as prince from 1866-1881 and king from 1881-1914.

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Sunday 11 July 2021



1998: Norwegian Minerals (Design - K Gjelseth)

Here is Silver and if one could travel then a visit to the Kongsberg Silver Mine Museum in Norway involves a trip underground on the mine train. On the right are the unusual crystals of Cobaltite. The name is derived from the German Kobold which is a leprechaun or goblin. The story is that the metal was haunted by a kobold due to its failure to properly smelt like other metals

1993: Landscapes (Design - Heinz Schillinger) 

The High Rhon Mountains  which were formed by ancient volcanic activity

1973: Heimaey Eruption (Design B Forchhammer; Engraver Cz Slania)

and here is a more modern eruption. This stamp was issued in aid of the disaster stricken island of Heimaey which is off the coast of Iceland. When a molten fissure opened up a mile from the town the population were evacuated by the fishing fleet.  The newly formed Eldfell volcano erupted for 6 months and to slow the lava flow and save the harbour they pumped sea water and sprayed the leading edges of the lava flow. They were successful and within a year most, but not all, residents had returned. Today's population is 4,500.

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Sunday 4 July 2021



1970: The Cuban Sugar Harvest Target

 'Over 10 Million tons' of sugar heading for export and perhaps used in the making of

2007: Chocolate (Design Jesper Arfors)

chocolate and with a cherry on top, what a delight.  Chocolate dipped strawberries (I prefer ice cream with my strawberries). The cacao bean makes an appearance and a chocolate drink, perfect for winter.

And lastly something to pop in ones bag - chocolate coil. It looks a bit like our Rolo which has a runny caramel middle - mmm - or perhaps it is something completely different. I love trying other countries confectionery.

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