Sunday 28 February 2021

Magical Birds


2019: Europa - National Birds (Design - Mark Wilkinson)

The Europa theme for 2019 was national birds but what happens when your tiny island doesn't have one?  No problem if you have hired the imaginative Mark Wilkinson. Birds and Symbolism was Jersey's answer.  The cover above has a cormorant on the corner and it and all the birds on the stamps can be seen on Jersey.

Kestrel - Vision and Patience
A kestrel hovering above fields and heathland

The swallow arriving with the spring and blossom (symbol of hope and renewal); Swan - purity and love; Kingfisher - Peace and calm; Stork - new beginnings and commitment.
Lastly the peacock- glory and dignity with a harsh call that could cut through any peaceful day.  I discovered that these are the only bird stamps I have for Jersey

2017: Meadow Pipit (Design - Andrew Robinson)


so I had to turn to their sister island of Guernsey for the lovely Meadow Pipit. The peacock is all show and dazzle but this little brown bird is just a welcome and rather more difficult to spot in its natural habitat.

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Sunday 21 February 2021

Delta Greens

1955: Fauna of the Danube Delta (Design - Aida Tasgan; Engraver - Ion Dumitrana)

Europe's largest wetland is where the mighty Danube River meets the Black Sea.  The delta is home to a massive congregation of waterbirds such as the Great Egret, above, but also home to many varieties of freshwater fish

1994: Environmental Protection of the Danube Delta (Design - Simona Bucan)

which include four species of sturgeon, the stamp features the Beluga (Huso huso). The map shows another of the deltas iconic bird species, the pelican.  There are also ancient woods

1958: Mushrooms (Design - Harald Meschendorter)

so there must be fungi.  Whether there is saffron milk cap, probably not, as it likes pine forests and I think in the Delta there are oaks and willows.  For the birder winter time is a good time to visit as there will be hundreds of wintering birds (and no mosquitos), warm clothing essential.

1994: Winter Olympics (Design - M Vamasesu)

Although it will be icy only the oldest inhabitants can remember that in the past (70 years ago) you could skate on the river.  Since the second half of the 20th Century it is rarely thick enough because of the rising water and winter temperatures.

1967: Definitive 'Diesel Train' (Design - Ion Druga)

This must be one of the unique places to dream about traveling to while locked down.  It may be a pale imitation but 1,500 kilometer of  its channels and roads can be seen virtually on Google Maps (a short film clip here)

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Sunday 14 February 2021

All Hearts


1995: Greeting Stamps (Design - Bridget Finn)  

A Tree of Hearts rustles in the breeze and they are ready to be given away

1986: Greetings Stamps; Children's Paintings (Brigid Teehan)

and sometimes delivered by post.  A heart can be always given to a dog.   Perhaps there is also a sonnet on the way to a loved one

1989: Greeting Stamps
or given in person.  The Sonnet by William Mulready (1786-1863) is one of his most popular paintings and is in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  Today he is probably more famous in postal circles for his Mulready envelopes. and while not wanting to put a downer on the day has a rather fabulously ornate tomb

1999: Christmas Seals 'Sign of the Hearts

These are Denmark Post's Christmas Seals but also I think perfect for Valentines Day.  They issued them in a heart shaped sheet. 

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Thursday 11 February 2021

Woves in Winter


In Scotland it was minus 22 degrees Celsius yesterday, it was only minus 2 where I live.   Wouldn't it be nice to grow a fur coat like these for the winter months.  No wolves in the UK of course but here they are roaming in |Finland where February is usually the coldest month and it is -16 in Helsinki. 

Sunday 7 February 2021

Year of the Ox

1999: Lunar New Year Cycle (Design - Kao Tai-kung)

 I only have one Year of the Ox stamp which as I was born in the year of the ox is rather an oversight on my part, no wonder this ox is looking quizzical.  The Ox is on the earthly branch of the Chinese zodiac and this year is the Year of the Metal Ox so

1973: Centenary of Nordic Museum (Design - Nils P Blix; Engraver - Cz Slania)

happily this stamp combines both elements of earth and metal with the lone ox leading the plow.

1959: 1st World Agriculture Fair, New Delhi
Two working in tandem in India
1938-1952: Definitive 'Sugar Industry'
I wonder if these two chew on the sugar cane or prefer something more healthy.  It is said that oxen are good for the soil for they are soft footed and nimble so don't impact the soil like tractors and heavy machinery and they also come with their own supply of fertilizer.

Happy Lunar New Year

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