Sunday 31 December 2023

Dark Sky


2014: Dark Sky Discovery

Left - Niarbyl    Right - Port Erin

With light pollution dark sky areas have become so important to experience the wonder of the universe.  The Isle of Man identified 7 sites to gaze at the heavens and in 2012 it was announced that all of them had been granted Dark Sky Grade 2 status.  Following popular support for the initiative a further 19 sites were submitted for UK Dark Sky Discovery (DSD) status which was granted in 2014


Left - Fort Island     Right - Langness

The criteria for all Grade 2 sites is that you should be able to see the Milky Way clearly on a dark clear moonless night. In Manx Gaelic this galaxy has been known as Raod Mooar re Gorry of the Great Way of King Orry, a major figure in the folklore of the island.  

Happily even with street lights our nearest neighbour lights the sky (weather permitting) so look up

2016: Planetary Correspondences

and the Man in the Moon may be there.

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Thursday 28 December 2023


The Thursday Postcard Hunt  Christmas theme ends with the prompt of Snowy or Manger scenes

The Family by Sergey Vsilyevich Ivanov (1864-1910)

I have no holy family postcards but did find a family in the snow.  Sergey Ivanov worked on this painting for many years and eventually completed it in 1907.  One could weave many stories from this scene
Settle-Carlisle Line (Photograph - Peter Shaw)

Steam and snow always a winning combination.  To keep to the Christmas theme a steam Santa Express ran this year from Carlisle to the Christmas Market in York via this line however the photo shows the  train running towards the city through a snowy Dentdale, home of the highest station in England.  The scenic Settle-Carlisle line sees many special trains throughout the year and the one shown is the 'Cumbrian Mountain Express' being pulled by Loco number 777 'Sir Lamiel' built in 1925 (one of the King Arthur Class) and preserved as part of the UK National Collection but currently being overhauled for mainline running.

Sunday 24 December 2023

Christmas Tidings


The fourth of the Advent candle has been lit today, 'The Angels Candle' which stands for love

2013: |Centenary of John Nicholson (1840-1913)

Art and angels combine in St Thomas Church on the Isle of man which is full of John Nicholson's art where angels musical and flying can be seen in the chancel and on the stamps.  More wings on the mural of the mini sheet with the archangel Michael fighting the many headed dragon (representing the devil) and Mark the Evangelist, the winged lion.

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to All

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Thursday 21 December 2023

Sleigh Ride

 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt - Christmas Animals


While the reindeer are away

Artist - Inge Löök/223
the Christmas elves will play.  The bear is having second thoughts

Sunday 17 December 2023

Gift Bearers


1985: Christmas Gift Bearers (Design - Clive Abbott)

Christmas is a time of gifts both spiritual and secular.  Here are some potential visitors - 

1.Santa Claus a universal gift bearer. 2.Scandinavians adopted the Italian Saint Lucia (Lussibruden) as a symbol of light and she comes with a crown of candles arriving on the 13th December with a song, coffee and cake. 3.The first of the three wise men - Balthazar bringer of myrrh. 4. In the Netherlands Siinterklaas - Saint Nicholas is the gift bearer and being wise he doesn't live in the North Pole but in the warmth of  Spain. Arriving in Amsterdam by steamboat on 23rd November (this will give him time to collect children's requests)  he embarks on a festive canal tour then journeys by horseback through the city.  The Present Evening parties will take place on the 5th December and the saint will spend the night time distributing the presents which will be laid out on a table to be found by children on the morning of the 6th December

1.The children in Italy wait until the 6th January for their gifts from the witch known as La Befana, stockings full of  sweets for the good children and coal for naughty ones. 2. Denmark's Father Christmas is Julenisse assisted by his sprites. 3. In Germany  an angel leaves the household's presents. Christkind rings a silver bell just before she leaves. 4. Good King Wenceslas (patron saint of the Czech Republic). The carol tells us he set out in deep snow on St Stephen's day to bring succor to a poor peasant.

1.France is blessed with several Christmas gift bearers but in the south of the country around the Provencal village of Les Baux, the midnight mass is enlivened by the arrival of a shepherd bringing the gift of a lamb for the baby Jesus 2. For that same baby Caspar brings frankincense 3. In Russia the Baboushka, leaves children toys in a basket 4. Melichior, the giver of gold

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Thursday 14 December 2023

Christmas Trees

 Time for a See It On A Postcard Thursday Postcard Hunt this week and its Christmas Trees. All sizes still available from the garden centre near me but

Inge Löök's grannies have already decorated theirs and have decamped with all the essentials for Christmas  to the coast.  They have thought of everything, including an inflatable igloo.

PHQ Card - 2018: Christmas (Illustration - Andrew Davidson)

Meanwhile the posties will still be working until Christmas Eve for the post must get through.  This is one of the big city postboxes with lots of room for Christmas cards and London always has lots of Christmas trees of every size and interpretation. David Hockney's 'Bigger Christmas Trees' may be the most eye catching this year for lovers of lights.

Sunday 10 December 2023

Glass Bottles


1986: Glassware
An ornamental flask 300AD
1993: Folk Art

A Fluhli enameled glass bottle of 1738.  Its name originates from the two German brothers who moved to Switzerland and set up glass-works in the canton of Fluhli. The last works closed in 1869.  The postmark is from the wine making village of Fläsch so one could fill up this pretty decanter with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Riesling.
1999: German Contemporary Design 

No wine in these bottles but sparkling mineral water.  Designed by Gunter Kupetz as a reusable clear glass bottle with importantly a screw top which sped up the process of being automatically refilled.  From 1971-2013 five billion were produced as all German manufacturers used them, they could be returned to anyone, the perfect circular economy.

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Thursday 7 December 2023

Santa Calls

 Thursday's  Postcard Hunt is on the theme of Santa Claus so here he is arriving

with a full sleigh because he is close to home in Greenland. The little girl looks happy with her presents of a ball and a doll. This is one of my favourite cards because the little girl's clothing is embroidered with long stitch and also has a nice cancel on the stamps

although the musk ox does seem to be disappearing into the 'snow'.  The card was posted to the Cragg Family in 1972 from Willy sending them "just a little Christmas greeting and a good new year".   

Sunday 3 December 2023

Health Service

Today is COP28's Health Day to discuss how climate change is impacting human health and what can be done about it but I look back to simpler times in stamps

First Anniversary of People's Communes

A Chinese health worker with her first aid kit and

1987: St John Ambulance Centenary (Design - Debbie Cook)

something more elaborate for volunteers of  St John Ambulance Service.  One can depend on the Victorians for robust design.  St John Ambulance volunteers are a familiar sight at sporting occasions on hand to provide first aid.  They do many other things and during the pandemic they helped to screen donors for the blood transfusion service

1972: 20th Anniversary of the Post Office Employees Blood Donor Association

I assumed this stamp was for France's national blood donation service but on closer examination found it was celebrating  a non-profit organisation that encourages blood donors among employees of the French Post Office

1983: The Red Cross (Design - E Krag; Engraver Cz Slania)

The more famous Red Cross

2003: Public Health 400 Years (Design - Sverre Morken)

The small beginnings of public health in Norway from July 1603 when royal patent was awarded to the physician Villads Nielson and a lifelong annual income from the public purse to provide medical services to Bergen, the largest town in Norway at the time. In 1703 the first doctor was appointed as a public servant but not until the early 18th Century were there 5 physicians in the entire country. A single qualified midwife was not in service until 1740.  Things have grown since then with a transition from a social assistance state to welfare state after World War II.

1988: Health for All in 2000

Worldwide "Health for All" was a global strategy by the World Health Organisation launched in 1978 for extending health care coverage as a basic human right.  There has progress since then but still lots to do so now we have "Health for All in the 21st Century", things were a lot more optimistic in 1978.

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