Wednesday 27 April 2011

Field Birds

Spot the bird. The names may be unfamiliar, but maybe handy to know when meeting a Dutch birder. My sender, Marjo, says I will see most of the Dutch field birds on this postcard.  As she says, they are familiar sights in England too. So interesting to see the Dutch for swallow is zwaluw and buzzard, buizerd. Our countries have more in common than just birds.  I heard a curlew calling this week on the marshes, one of my favourite sounds, or maybe I should have called it a wulp. Next time I walk through the park I will see the coot nesting, and perhaps call them meerkoet.

The card came with an interesting set of stamps
left to right, 1) Juliana Regina, 2) a 1987 Red Cross stamp with wonderful graphics, designed by Max Kisma, famous for his font designs. This  (one of three) is the result of hundreds of designs and collage images which he manually drew, cut and pasted then digitised on a computer.  3) Lastly one of the 1988 set celebrating the art of the avant-garde CoBrA group founded in 1948. So named after the cities they lived and worked in, Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam.  This is a stamp of the signature of Constant with a symbol of the Cobra group. The stamp that completes it is
Constant's painting of 1950 'Fallen Horse'. For the story of  CoBrA in stamps, yes isn't the internet wonderful, see here   

Thank you Marjo, great card.

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