Sunday 26 March 2023

Coastal Choice


1994: Tourism (Design - Colleen Corlett)

A sunny start to the day but a chill in the air  so what will it be - the beach or

2006: Bids (Design - Jeremy Paul) - Peregrine Falcon

a cliff top walk?

1983: Seabirds (Design - J H Nicholson)
Dip in the sea
Manx Shearwater
or bird watching.

1954: Views (Design Albert Decaris; Engraving Pierre Munier)

Atlantic coast or dream of the warmth of Spring in the Mediterranean. 17°C in Ajaccio today. 

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Beaches of Coast -Sea  See It On A Postcard

Sunday 19 March 2023

How Green


1946: Local Motives (Design J Douy; Engraver WV Paris)

Where is our dancer's gaze?

1960: Butterflies and Agricultural Products

Perhaps seeing one of the local butterflies fluttering by, I don't know what the Malagasy call it so will have to stick to its scientific name - Acraea hova.  It lives in forests so the stamp has a nice leafy green background.

1973: Fauna

Next a species that is green, the Golden-fronted Leafbird, also an inhabitant of forests

1990: Birds

But for all over green it has to be this pair of Green-rumped parrotlet found in northeastern South America and the island of Trinidad.  I wondered why it was called a parrotlet and then saw its size - 4.7 inches (12cm) long.

1958: Mongolian Animals
Lastly a very green goat.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Green - See It On A Postcard

Sunday 12 March 2023



2001: Centenary of Royal Navy Submarine Service. Flags and Ensigns

The Jolly Roger flag first flown by British  submarines in WW1 with a FDC photo of ship's figureheads from an earlier age on the high seas when no doubt a pirate flag was raised for a different endeavor.

1977-1984: Definitive - Folk Customs

Better sticking to dry land at Zurich's April Spring Festival - Sechselauten, The rider's flag flying at a gallop, in the background is the Böögg, a snowman on top of a bonfire whose head is filled with fireworks. It is said that the faster his head explodes the finer the summer will be.

1990: Latin-American History (5th Series)

From folk festivals to folk costumes of Latin America and one to test my patchy flag knowledge, but happily the stamps tell all - Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Paraguay.

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Flags - flying at See It On A Postcard.

Sunday 5 March 2023



2022: Aardman Classics
Man's best friend

2001: Centenary of Guernsey Dog Club
Their own club
2001: Centenary of Guernsey Dog Club (Design - A Peck

Which one would you choose as a pet I mused to myself ; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, very nervy, Miniature Schnauzer, energetic and need a lot of grooming,  German Shepherd, always find them a bit scary.  Cocker Spaniel, like the sound of their own voice so can bark a lot although it does depend on the dog and they are pretty, West Highland White Terrier, I'm weakening always wanted to put a tartan collar on one and lastly Dachshund, high on the cute factor. One of our national sports tv and radio presenters Mark Chapman, has two dachshunds and made a ladder for them so they can get on the bed at night, now there is a dog lover.      

Sunday Stamps theme this week is - Canines - See It On A Postcard