Sunday 14 July 2024

Aussie Sport


1956: Olympic Games, Melbourne
Australia has hosted the Olympics twice, starting in Melbourne, although the equestrian events
1987: Agricultural Shows (Design - David Lancashire)

could not be held in Australia due to their strict quarantine regulations so they were held in
1990: World Equestrian Games, Stockholm
Sweden.  It seems there are some interesting additions in equestrian games such as equestrian vaulting, now that is something I'd like to see. It has only appeared once at an Olympic Games.
1996: Centenary of the Australian Football League

Aussie Rules, Australia's most popular sport, is unlikely to appear when Brisbane host the Olympics in 2032 as it is only professionally played in Australia. Its similarity to Gaelic Football leads to an Aussie Rules contingent in Ireland resulting in their lone international fixture played against Ireland. 

Australia is known as a sporty country no doubt aided by all that sunshine,

1989: Sports
open country,
and warm seas.  The second time the Olympics were held in Australia
2000: Paralympic Games, Sydney, New South Wales

the Paralympics were part of the Games and despite early struggles Sydney would prove a turning point in building awareness, attendance and a TV coverage of the Paralympics.

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Sunday 7 July 2024

Paris Olympics


1924: Olympic Games, Paris (Design E Becker; Engraver G Parison

Later this month eyes will be on Paris but I would guess in 1924 one would have to rely on the radio or newspapers. Radio of course was in its infancy and the BBC had many firsts for that year including the first Shipping Forecast which is still telling us what the weather forecast for Viking, North and South  Utsira etc will be as it gradually works its way around the other 29 shipping areas of sea.  The stamp has winged victory and the sights of Paris but I can't see the Eiffel Tower so

1996: Autumn Philatelic Exhibition (Design - Christian Broutin)
here it is. 
1953: Sports (Design Andre Jacquemin
 At this point I discovered I did not have many other Summer Olympic stamps from France,
1996: Centenary of the Modern Olympics
apart from this one of a discus thrower,  however a briefly existing entity which issued stamps for two years, came to my rescue
1968: French Olympic Champions

with a map of France and French champions.

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Thursday 4 July 2024


 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt is in need of maps and waymarkers so

lets take the road to Denmark, the second happiest country in the world, according to the World Happiness Ranking. It must be true look at all those smiling faces.
Sometimes more than maps might be needed in the land of knights, magic spells, fairies and goblins. In the Brocéliande Forest you follow in the steps of King Arthur, Merlin and the fairies Vivien and Morgan le Fey,

The mysterious Nine Standards cairns, no one knows their origin only that they are very old.  For the day walker reaching Nine Standards Rigg there are excellent viewpoints and to coast to coast walkers these sentinels are a welcome sight because it means

they are almost at the half way point.

Sunday 30 June 2024

Fly the Flag

Åland flying the flag when they gained the right to have their own stamps in 1984
1964: 40th Anniversary of the Mongolian Constitution
An even bigger flag makes an appearance for Mongolia
1984: Winter Olympic Games -Sarajevo
A flag for all nations
1977: History of the Modern Olympic Games

competing for gold starting with the perfect symbolism of Louis Spiridon in 1896 winning the Marathon
1998: Football World Cup
Of course the Olympics this year is in Paris but at the moment sports lovers are watching a football at the Euros in Germany where the hosts are looking impressive.

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Thursday 27 June 2024


 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt for Clocks or Daily Rituals

Keighley and Worth Valley Railway

Is it time for lunch?
The Snack Bar (1930) by Edward Burra
or wine o'clock

The answer lies in the stars

Sunday 23 June 2024

Mail Transport

1987: History of Russian Post (Design - Yury Artsimenev)

 The post is on its way with a 14th-16th Century Messenger and a 17th-19th Century horse drawn sledge and 17th Century postman.  I think I may have shown these two before but time has moved on and now I have the full set, yay, so next

to the high seas and a 16th and 18th Century sailing packets. The small boat is a strug which was a flat bottom boat sometimes used to protect Russian river trade from robbers and equipped with canons. Not all plain sailing for the mail.

Hitting the rails is a 19th Century steam loco with railway mail vans and the Moskovsky Railway station in St Petersburg. The Lessner Post car (1905) can't have been too comfortable in a Russian winter much better to be in a Post Bus (1926)

Now all I have to do to complete this issue is to track down the souvenir sheet of mail vans in front of Moscow's head post office.

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Thursday 20 June 2024


 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt is in search of the ancient, buildings and artifacts

Entrance Stone c3000BC

I couldn't find a card for the Summer Solstice which will be celebrated at Stonehenge when the sun rises on the 21st but here is the Entrance Stone at Newgrange passage tomb and where, when the Winter Solstice occurs, a beam of light will come through the window and illuminate the small room inside for 17 minutes at dawn. The room can hold 20 people at a time and there is a lottery in Ireland where the fickle finger of fate will decide who will journey into this ancient space at that hour.

Newgrange or in Gaelic Bru na Boinne, is located in the Boyne Valley, a place full of ancient neolithic structures.  What is striking from the outside are the quartz walls gleaming in the light.  Quartz was important to our neolithic ancestors as rock crystals do unusual things with light.

For scale travel to France and the 3000 Carnac stones.  The card shows the Menec alignments and says on the back "Will the Menec Lines ever reveal their secrets?" The question remains unanswered but as can be seen there are not only stones but lichen too so something to wonder about for both historian and naturalist.

Sunday 16 June 2024

Family Men


2019: 50th Anniversary Apollo 11 Moon Landings (Design - Edward Fuglø)
The artist Edward Fuglø's earliest childhood memory was of his father holding him up at the window, pointing at the sky and telling him about the men on the moon.
1974: Renoir Paintings

Auguste Renoir married his model Aline Charigot and here they are enjoying a sojourn in Guernsey, although the paintings were actually created in Paris.  Renoir had realised that he became so mesmerised by the light painting outdoors that his composition suffered so took his sketches back to the studio.  August and Aline had three sons (one of whom was the film director Jean Renoir) and he often painted his family. There are only 3 portraits of Aline but she would also appear in his other paintings, the most famous one is of her playing with a dog as part of a boating party in 'Le Dejeuner des Canotiers'

1955: Five Year Plan

A sightseeing trip for the family.  This is a bit of an outlier in a set featuring economic and industrial development although one of the results of this experiment/plan was urbanisation.

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Thursday 13 June 2024


 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt is looking at the seasonal...

"Anjou and Touraine of Yesteryear"

It is September in the gardens of the Chateau du Samur portrayed in 'Les Riches Heures du Duc de Berry" as it looked in 1410 with, I suggest, some artistic license.  The card reminded me I have a book of postcards from this gem. Because rather than perforated cards they are bound I have never felt able to crack open the binding so it remain intact, rather a good move in hindsight.

A Book of Hours refers to the hours of prayer during the day and has illustrations of religious topics but the Duc du Berry's also has the labours of the month and here we have June and the harvest.  The other months can be seen in the Daily Art.  Duke John of Berry collected illustrated manuscripts and on his death left a collection of over 150 manuscripts of which this one was the jewel in the crown.
Winter, a season for resting as the snow falls, unless you are a sheep farmer.  This is the valley of Toutbeck and the settlement of the same name. For  the art lover, or possessor of a book of hours, the church , not too far away, has pre-raphaelite stained glass windows which were installed when it was being restored in the 19th Century.

Sunday 9 June 2024



2004: A British Journey - Wales
An aerial view of the Welsh countryside, lots to see and do.  All of these have nice countryside walks
1990: National Parks
but these two look as they are setting off fully loaded for a long distance hike in the Pieljakaise National Park
1994:The Age of Steam
Enjoy the views of the countryside from a train window, this one is travelling though Scotland on the West Highland Way.  1994, the year the stamp was issued, was also the year of the opening of the Channel Tunnel.  Another journey by train could be taken from Scotland down to London

1961: Tourist Publicity
and onto the Eurostar to Paris, change on to the TGV, then hop off at Angouleme, there will be a half an hour wait for the local train to arrive and then  on to the destination ,Cognac. Daydreaming a trip I read one can book a "chic picnic", enjoy walking the small roads through the vineyards to meet the winegrower-distiller then eventually settle down in the middle of the vines to a picnic of local produce with wine and cognac. A  relaxing day out in the countryside.

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Thursday 6 June 2024

Sunrise Sunset

 See It On A Postcard's Thursday Postcard Hunt is book-ending the day with Sunrise and Sunset

The "rosy fingered dawn" and a lone moose, all is peaceful

The buzz of the city at sunset. My sender says "The Point, where you see the fountain, is a great summer escape in my city. Sometimes there are free concerts out there"  Part of the card description says "Seen here, the Golden Triangle and its waterway periphery glow in the Pittsburgh evening sky"  Water and sunsets are always a delight
especially if there is a setting sun melting into the sea.

Sunday 2 June 2024


1987: Stamp Day

The movement of mail.  The bicycles have to be sturdy but for speed they have to be light

1984: Olympic Games, Los Angeles
and if racing against the clock also
1996: Olympic Games, Atlanta

1984: Winter Olympics, Sarajevo
ice adds to the speed
1994: Stamp Day
although when delivering mail a more sedate pace is recommended. The stamp shows a Spreewald postman of 1900. I read that the Spreewald (Spree Forest) meaning the forest along the River Spree is sometimes called the Green Venice of Germany, perhaps for postie it is skates in the winter and a boat in the summer.
1961: 3rd Women's Gymnastic Championship
Meanwhile in a different part of Germany a sport that pushes the boundaries of what movements the human body can achieve
1961: Pioneers Meeting, Erfurt

but dancing is for everyone.

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