Sunday 30 May 2021

Small Animals


2015: Flora and Fauna of Alderney (Design - Petula Stone)

Hello Mr Mole, look at those cute feet. May be tunneling under a lawn near you.

Another cutie - a Blonde Hedgehog. Hedgehogs were brought to Alderney as pets which subsequently were released or escaped into the wild. Their genetic diversity is low and an inherited rare genetic trait means their spines are blonde.  60% of the 400-600 hedgehogs on Alderney are like this. Unlike an albino hedgehog (a different gene) they have dark eyes.
2018: Introduced Species (Illustrations - Tanya Lock)

The beaver became extinct in Britain in the 16th Century but since 1999 they have been reintroduced as a keystone species to create wetlands and increase biodiversity with the added benefit of reducing water flow. Two were introduced not too far away from me last year as a scientific trial. They arrived from Scotland, one of them (Glen) had been rescued from a outflow of a hydroelectric plant  after becoming trapped. Another lover of wetland on the other stamp is the Pool Frog, which was presumed extinct in 1995 and reintroduced into East Anglia from Sweden.

Endangered Fauna

Say what you see - its a Geometric tortoise. Sometimes called the 'Faberge egg' of tortoises. It is an endangered species, much of its decline is due to habitat loss.

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Sunday 23 May 2021



2000: Definitive (From a photo by Rigmor Mydtskov Designed and Engraved Martin Morck)

Queen Margrete II in her Greenland costume with an eagle soaring above water and cliffs.

2012: 40th Anniversary as Queen (Design - M Melbye)  

She must like a bit of symbolism. My first thought was there were three lions but no, the one at her feet looks like a very big dog; Irish wolfhound?. Her own real dogs are dachshunds just a little different. The same stamp was also issued in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.


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Sunday 16 May 2021



2014: Year of Crystallography (Design - P Antunes)

I struck lucky with this stamp for the letter P , there are quite a few in the Patterson function. Not only solving my problem but in crystallography as  it solves the phase problem in crystal structure analysis of molecules containing heavy atoms. A bit of mathematical brilliance from Arthur Lind Patterson (1902-1966).  Portugal were very enthusiastic about the Year of Crystallography as they issued 5 stamps and a souvenir sheet.

1979: Europa - Post and Telecommunications

Only one P for Portugal on these stamps but the subject is one we all love - the post arriving.


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Sunday 9 May 2021



2001: Botanic Garden (Design Bent Olesen Hystrom; Engraver Arne Kuhlmann)

In the centre of Copenhagen is this palm house in the Copenhagen University Botanical Gardens. There are a complex of glass houses in its 10 hectares of informal gardens.. The Palm House is the oldest, constructed in 1874, and it comes with a cast iron spiral staircase. I wondered whether I had any other glasshouse stamps, alas it seems not so instead I turn to houses with gardens

or at least from the pictures, lawns.
2014: Jersey Architecture Manor Houses (Design - Nick Shewring)

But I spot a fine wisteria on Longueville Manor.

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Sunday 2 May 2021


1952: May Day(Design - S Legrady)

Workers of the world unite for May Day although the person with the military helmet at the back is a bit of a worry however the man with the big hammer looks as though he can take care of things.

1950-53: Five Year Plan (Design - S Legrady)

I like how they use the 5 in this design showing factory workers and draughtsmen.

1952: Miners Day (Design - F Gal)

Miners get their own special day when they can leave their mechanical coal cutter. behind.

1953: Budapest Underground Railway (Design - J Vertel)

Still in the depths with continental Europe's oldest underground system (only London pre-dates it).  The original M1 line of 1896 is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The stamp shows work starting on the extension Line M2 in the 1950s, an east-west route.


1954: Definitive stamp

Lets come out of the dark and into the bright light of the Nile valley with an agricultural worker

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