Sunday 28 August 2022

Coastal Flowers


1999: Coastal Flowers (Design - Wayne Rankin; Cover Design - Melinda Coombs)

A day for the seaside here, warm with blue skies but I travel by stamps to the sandy coasts of Australia where flowers play a role in the forming and stabilising the dunes while looking beautiful.

The flowers are clockwise - Fuchsia;  the yellow trailing Guinea flower; Australian Bluebells which occur throughout southeastern Australia and Beach Morning Glory.

2021: The Calf of Man - 70th Anniversary of the Manx National Trust

One of a set of stamps celebrating the Calf of Man, a small island just off the southwest coast of the Isle of Man, a nature reserve and bird observatory, the flower they chose for the stamp set was Thrift or Sea Pink, a familiar plant of wild coasts, although people grow it in their gardens too, a very accommodating plant. 

1997: 19th Century Flower Paintings

Some more garden flowers captured in art - Blue Gentian

This painting is of a flower grown from a Brazilian bulb in a London hot house - Hippeastrum rutilum, one of the many species of Amaryllis from South America.

Fuchsia and a tulip

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Sunday 21 August 2022


2012: Poultry (Design - T Lindstrom)

 Agricultural Shows are still in full swing and they always include various competitions for poultry. There is a mind blowing number of classes for hard and soft feather varieties and it is all for glory as the prize money is minuscule.  These Swedish cockerels and hens look fine enough to show.

Top - Heather Hen, very hardy with a dense downy plumage and thick undercoat; Old Swedish Dwarf Hen 

Bottom - Swedish Flower hen an endangered breed; Painted Hen

2016: Birds - White-tailed Eagle

Any one of them would make a nice snack for this fellow, Sweden's largest bird of prey.

1995: Wild Birds

Nothing for them to fear here in the forest with the beautiful red-billed streamertail.

1998: Endangered Birds

Some more pretty birds - Aquatic Warblers; Ferruginous Ducks and Hen Harriers

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Sunday 14 August 2022



2000: The Forest (Design - Ingalill Axelsson)

A forest of silver birch, beautiful and resilient. The other stamp is a very important subject in the 'Right of Public Access' and to be able to enjoy a  shady walk in summer anywhere

1970: Tourist Publicity (Design - Claude Durrens)

or dream of relaxing under palm trees on a tropical island.

Preferring something cooler?

2017: Green Mann (Design - Nicola Dixon)
Aren't trees wonderful.

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Sunday 7 August 2022



1979: Landscapes

One may travel to Greece for the sun, which is what I would like to do now. The weather here at the moment is best described as changeable, however a heatwave from the south is promised for the week ahead. Meanwhile for those of you in hotter places here is a cooling view, I start with the snow on Parnassus.

1989: Swedish Polar Research - 250th Anniversary of the Royal Academy of Science

Always reliably cool in the polar regions.

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