Sunday 27 February 2022

Into the Dark


2012: Nordic Contemporary Art (Edward Fuglø)

This is entitled 'Egg Procession for Jan'.  Who are the dark hooded figures carrying a bird's egg and torches? Are they warming it to hatch and importantly, what is inside?  

One could make an attractive mini collection of all Edward Fuglø's Faroe Island stamps he has created over the last decades

2000: EXPO 2000 (Marianne Heske)

Another dark mystery, I thought it was the cosmos but no it is - 'Det stille rom' (the still room) though it can be anything imagination can see. The artist Marianne Heske is fascinated by light and sound contained on video tape. She videos and then freezes selected sequences, photographing them with a film camera then scanning the slides into a computer before transferring them onto other types of material.  Something we cannot see becomes visible

1999: The Ørsted Satellite

like the magnetic field of the earth which the Ørsted satellite measures as it orbits our planet.

1998: Definitive - Tourism

or mountain air and invisible water vapour that will form clouds.

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Sunday 20 February 2022



1966: Animals (Design Maurice Fievet)

The intricate nests of the Village Weaver, these gregarious birds like to live in large colonies in towns and villages but also are seen in semi open habitats or woodlands near rivers.

1964: Health Stamps

Another gregarious bird but  Little Blue Penguins live in burrows or rock crevices.  Their Maori name, Korora, is on the stamp.  Australians call them Little Fairy Penguins due to their small size.

1988: Native Birds
In contrast the Banded Dotterel is a solitary bird who nests in shallow scrapes usually lined with small stones.
1978: Australian Birds

Another dotteral but this time the Hooded Dotterel.  Related to the plover it is fascinating that the name dotterel has traveled to the antipodes for it is a 15th Century English word for a person who is foolish or easily duped and the bird itself tends to have a tame and unsuspecting nature. In summer dotterel are found in the Scottish Highlands where the old Gaelic name for them translates as 'fool of the moors', a foolishness to be cherished.

Heading to the water where Little Grebes nest on floating platforms, its feet have evolved towards the back of its body which help it swim underwater but makes it very clumsy on land.

1979: Australian Birds

The Eastern Yellow Robin likes to nest near water and and damp places in heaths, scrub and woodland. This little bird has a neat cup nest which it disguises with moss, bark or leaves.  The striking Crimson Finch is mainly distributed across Northern Australia in areas of tall, dense grass.  Typically they reside near wetlands with pandanus trees  where they nest at the base or within hollow tree limbs.

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Sunday 13 February 2022

Love Hearts


2003: Valentines Day (Design - Bruno Ghiringhetti)

Love is in the air - in France

2009: Kissing Mouth (Design - Julia Szule)

and Sweden

2009: Together (Design - Jenni Erkintalo)

The Swedish word for together is tillsammans but can also mean 'in tandem' ...

1999: Christmas Seal 'Sign of the Hearts'

on a bicycle built for two?


2009: Together Booklet Cover

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Sunday 6 February 2022

Winter Olympics


1980: 13th Winter Games, Lake Placid (Design Zou Jianjun)

All eyes on China who won their first medal of the games in the short track speed skating mixed relay.  Not an easy combination of words to say quickly, as the sports news broadcasters have discovered.  Time to settle down and watch everyone sliding and

1984: Winter Olympics, Sarajevo
jumping. Look out
1968: Winter Olympics, Grenoble (Design Jacques Combet ;Engraving Andre Freres)


1960: Winter Olympics, Squaw Valley (Design Jozsef Vertel)
Things will get busy
1983: Winter Olympics, Sarajevo
for the thrills and spills

especially in one of my favourite events, the bobsleigh.

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