Sunday, 24 June 2018


1958: World Soccer Championship (Design - T Hultgren Engraver - S Ewert)

Last week in my Sunday Stamps the USSR team were setting off for the World Cup in Sweden and here is Sweden's stamp to welcome them.  The championships were played between 8th and 29th of June 1958 in 12 Swedish towns.
The match of the postmark date of 11th June in Göteborg was between 
1966: World Cup Football Championships (Design - David Gentlemen)
England and
2006: World Cup Winners (Design - Madelaine Bennet)
Brazil which resulted in a 0-0 draw.  This resulted in a tied second place in Group G so we played an extra match against the USSR to see who would go through to the next round and lost 1-0. The English team
1961: 10th Anniversary of Scandinavian Airline Systems (Design - Ph von Schantz;  Engraver - A Wallhorn)
were on the plane home although first they would have to travel to Stockholm because Gothenburg didn't have an international airport at the time.
Perhaps they travelled like this cover from Bromma Stockholm airport.
1970: 7th Anniversary of the Swiss Football Federation (Design - Bernard Schorderet)
Switzerland were one of the seven founding members of the international footballing association FIFA and are making their 11th appearance at a World Cup final this year and having a cracking tournament but they didn't make it to Sweden in 1958.

Lastly for those whom football leaves cold here is something we all love, the postal service
1987: 50th Anniversary of Mobile Post Offices (Design - Karl Tanner)
and a mobile post office that come to you.
CHS89-3153 Rüschegg Gambach BE Advertising Postmark 10 April 1989
The cover has a sporting connection for its advertising cancel is inviting one to spend time in Rüshegg Gambach for 'recreation and sport' and it even might be a possibility that the village of Gambach had a travelling post office.

The Sunday Stamps II prompt of the letter S - for Soccer, Sweden, Switzerland, Scandinavian and Sport - scoot over to See It On A Postcard


Eva A. said...

I am one of those people "whom football leaves cold". But on some sports stamps, I appreciate the depicting of human moviment, and the design in general. Like the bus, too, as everything connected to sending mail. Thanks for the post!

violet s said...

Congrats to the England team for today's match.
... and for this North American, you missed out on S for soccer ;)

Bob Scotney said...

Good to see these this week even if we are enduring 'wall-to-wall' soccer at the moment.

FinnBadger said...

I think soccer is a great choice given world cup fever.