Sunday, 17 June 2018

Riding the Rails

1958: World Cup Football in Sweden (Design - R. Zhitkov)
The centre of the the footballing world for the next month will be in Russia but in these stamps the USSR team (at the time Olympic champions) were heading for Sweden and their first world cup. For those foreign football fans in Russia at the moment their tickets for the matches include free rail travel, what a perfect combination.
1958: All-Union Industrial Exhibition (Design- E. Bulanova)
Maybe they will have time for train spotting perhaps to see freight trains which I always enjoy and wonder what they are carrying, this one looks to be hauling petroleum.  What they won't see this summer is snow and steam trains so
1985: Famous Trains (Design - Terence Cuneo)
here are Terence Cuneo's superb paintings of locos riding the rails
full steam ahead and
whizzing out of tunnels.
2013: London Underground
A trip on the Moscow metro with its chandeliers and marble will be a fans destination and although Russia has celebrated it in many stamps sadly I have none.  In an alternative lets travel to London and the opening of the Metropolitan Railway in 1863, the stamp shows an original lithograph featuring the rails near Paddington.
2011: UN Headquarters definitive (Design - Scott Soberg)
Another international venue but not as sporting is the United Nations in Vienna. Scott Soberg painted aerial and ground views of the three international buildings in New York, Geneva and Vienna for this stamp set.

Sunday Stamps II prompt this week is the letter R - for Russia, rails and railways - travel to See It On A Postcard


violet s said...

Imagine how many people would be able to afford to see the matches live if there was free rail service to them!!

Ana said...

I love violet's idea! Not a football fan at all, but free rail service or any kind of discounted transport service would definitely be good to many!

And oh my, such a fantastic assortment of railway stamps - a bit jealous since I don't have all these yet in my collection!

Bob Scotney said...

Many countries are issuing World Cup stamps, but not us so far. The train stamps are superb. - I can't get enthusiastic about modern trains however..