Sunday, 28 January 2018


1968: Paintings by Van Gogh
Where better to start than with a postman and thanks to Vincent Van Gogh his name lives on, Joseph Roulin. Van Gogh loved to paint portraits but he could not afford to pay anyone to sit for him however the Roulin family in Arles were happy to do so for nothing and in exchange Vincent gave each family member one of the numerous paintings he made of them; worth more than money I think.  From a yellow background to
a yellow jacket worn by Joseph Roulin's eldest son Armand who at the time of the painting was aged 17.
1980: Flags of Member Nations (1st Series) - Yugoslavia
Here is a flag that does not flutter in the wind anymore when the nations of this part of the world were joined under the one flag of Yugoslavia.  The various nations featured individually on
1957: Yugoslav Costumes (1st Series)
Yugoslavia's series of stamps featuring national costumes. This scene above shows a Croatian family of shepherds
1961: Yugoslav Costumes (2nd series)
and here are some Macedonians dancing into the stamp to the sound of a drum. At first I was unsure of the significance of the dates 1941-1961 but 1941was the date the Nazi's invaded Yugoslavia (the April War) when the Royal Yugoslav Army collapsed and the king and several ministers fled into exile.  I discovered that 1941 was also important for the forming of the first partisan battalions and resistance to the occupying armies, a date search revealed there were medals awarded to the armed forces in 1961 to mark the 20th Anniversary of the Yugoslav People's Army (the founding of the Partisan Army).

The stamp designer is Zdenka Sertić (1899-1986), artist and ethnographer who produced a number of folkloric stamp series for Yugoslavia and her nephew has produced a beautifully illustrated page of her work here (the English translation is at the bottom).

Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter Y -  for Yemen, Yugoslavia and yellow - See It On A Postcard


Bob Scotney said...

Van Gogh threw me for a while until the yellow clicked in. Like this two Yugoslavian stamps. The history of that area is difficult to keep up with, in the past and in these days too

Ana said...

love the Yemen stamps!

that Macedonians dancing stamp most probably represents the Teshkoto folk-dance.

Eva A. said...

I love that Van Gogh portraits. But it sounds a bit odd to me that Yemen issue Van Gogh stamps.

Heleen said...

Roulin, the postman, is one of my favourite paintings by van Gogh :-)
The costumes stamps are great, too!

FinnBadger said...

Clever to find a Yemeni stamp with a yellow background.

Great selection today.