Sunday, 7 January 2018


2013 Europa: The Postman's Van
 Here is the post setting off from Vatican City. There are more letters sent from its postcode than any other postcode in the world.  Lets spin the globe to see the post delivered
Official Stamps - 1966: Rural Services
to a more rural setting, one might say bucolic with the buffalo and rice fields were it not for the fact that we are in the middle of the Vietnam war.   To more peaceful times
1977: Veiltailed Goldfish
just the sound of fish swimming and in this case they are veiltailed goldfish, a highly sought after fish for the enthusiast but very delicate and difficult to breed.
1990: Goldfish
and they seem to be a popular with the Vietnam post.  For some reason I have accumulated a lot of fish stamps for Vietnam, no idea how, so here is another goldfish from the same goldfish set
this time a Celestial Goldfish. I thought its name might be from those gorgeous combination of colours but no it is the eyes which look up and skyward.  When they are born the eyes start to gradually protrude and then turn upwards.   They have very poor eyesight so wouldn't see this coming -
1988: Snakes
the beautiful green of of a Pope's Pit Viper. They live in mountain forests and coastal rainforests and can be found hanging over streams and bushes. They are nocturnal as is
this pointed scale pit viper.  This viper lives in mountainous or cultivated areas and frequently found in abandoned houses or log piles. Both are venomous but the pointed scale pit viper is very bad tempered.

Sunday Stamps II prompt this week is the letter V - here for Vatican, Vietnam, Vehicle, Veiltailed, Viper and Venomous - for a variety of stamps See It On A Postcard.


violet s said...

I much prefer the fish to the snakes :)

Heleen said...

I love your variety of stamps, beautiful pictures!
The fish would have matched very well to my blog post today, as 'fish' in Dutch is 'vis' (but I choose other words starting with the letter 'v' :-) )

FinnBadger said...

The fish are stunning, and clever to add a Vatican stamp.

Bob Scotney said...

The bottom snake is the most lifelike design, but all very colourful.