Sunday, 26 November 2017

Quest for a Q

1967: Famous Navigators Ships
This Qatar stamp shows a scene from the Bayeux tapestry and the Norse influence on boat building can be seen in the Viking type ship both the Normans and English built in the middle ages.
1968: 10th Anniversary of Qatar Postage Stamps
An Arab scribe completes the total number of Qatar stamps I have in my collection, two.  I turn to the natural world for my next Q 
1973: British Trees (Designer - David Gentleman)
 and the beautiful and long lived oak, Quercus robur.  1973 was 'National Tree Planting Year' hence the cancel slogan.
1921: Republic of Mirdita
Not so beautifully but an interesting piece of history. These stamps were issued by the short lived and unrecognised republic declared in Northern Albania by Marka Gjoni which lasted from the 17 July-20 November 1921 - the stamps were never issued. The currency is the Qint (pronounced chint) which is Albanian for 100.
  Whoever was wielding the scissors doesn't seem to be in control of them. They also seem to have changed their minds on the currency as this overprint shows. Marka Gjoni's rebellion against the Albania was supported by Belgrade and Greece, but in the end Marka Gjoni was forced to flee to Yugoslavia however he later returned to Mirdita where he lived until his death in 1925.  Of course it is said that the pen is mightier than the sword
or in this case, the quill.  The Yugoslavia Post Office (PTT - Posta, Telegrafa i Telefona) card and stamp
from the PTT museum and library in Belgrade shows a commercial letter posted in Serbia on 21 June 1869 in the "pre-philatelic era".

The Sunday Stamps II prompt of the Letter Q - for Qatar, Quercus, Qint and Quill - quickstep over to See It On A Postcard.


Eva A. said...

You found so interesting stamps! I didn't know about North Albania.

FinnBadger said...

I agree with Eva - fascinating history lesson through stamps - thanks for educating me.

violet s said...

Wow, you have a rarity with that qint!
Those Qatari stamps are beautiful.

Heleen said...

Such interesting stamps! I love the pictures - like miniature stories - on the Qatar stamps, and of course the Tree stamp and postmark!

Ana said...

never heard of North Albania and I live just nearby - or maybe didn't pay much attention to history lessons =/

Bob Scotney said...

I never knew about N Albania and Qint. Good to see mre Qatar stamps as well.