Sunday, 5 November 2017


2014: Northern Lights Personalised Stamp
I've never seen the Northern Lights so this stamp and card are the next best thing until I do.
2011: Wildlife in Norway
I imagine Polar Bears see the northern lights all the time.  I don't know where in Norway this photograph was taken but one of the places that fascinate me, the Svalbard Islands, lie halfway between Norway and the North Pole is considered one of the best places to go and see them, by boat.
1919: Newfoundland Contingent 1914-18
A magnificent pair of antlers displayed by a Caribou. It is also an appropriate stamp as we approach Armistice Day on the 11th for this 'Trail of the Caribou' issue refers to the contribution of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment ground forces during World War 1 (the Carabou is the emblem on the regiment's badge).  Each one is inscribed with a different military action in which the regiment took part, in this case Suvla Bay, Turkey, part of the disastrous Gallipoli campaign 1915-16.  The major troop landing at Suvla Bay was relatively successful but Allied indecision stalled their progress and advantage was lost.  The storming of the beaches of Gallipoli is for ever associated with New Zealand and Australia who each year mark the anniversary as ANZAC Day on 25th April.
1988: Native Birds
Travelling to New Zealand here is their unique native bird.  The kiwi is not the only flightless bird on New Zealand in fact there are 16 species which includes
Definitive series issued over a four year period 1985-89 - Native Birds (Design: Janet Marshall)
the world's only flightless and nocturnal parrot, the Kakopo.  The Blue Duck can definitely fly but is reluctant to do so and lives by fast flowing mountain streams, nesting in hollow logs and caves.   The designer of the Native Birds stamps is Janet Marshall who writes she has been painting New Zealand birds and flowers since 1970

Luckily for the ground dwelling birds there are no fast running cheetah in New Zealand
1973-86: Definitive (New Currency)
like this pair scanning the horizon in Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria's largest National Park 866 sq miles (2,244 sq k) in North East Nigeria.  This was the first definitive set issued after Nigeria switched from Sterling to the new currency of Naira and Kobo. 

Lastly I return to New Zealand for some inanimate objects
1982: Definitives - Minerals
and the minerals found there which featured on the 1982 definitives. Here are some I might like to wear, the first nephrite, one of the two minerals commonly called jade although nephrite can be found in other colours apart from green and amethyst which comes in a range of variable intensity.

Sunday Stamps II prompt this week is the letter N - for Norway, Newfoundland New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Lights, Nephrite, Native Birds and Animals and National Park - nip over to See It On A Postcard.


Bob Scotney said...

Fine selection for this week. Love the caribou and the New Zealand minerals.

Ana said...

the Northern Lights one is my absolute favourite - still on the bucket list of seeing them for real one day...

FinnBadger said...

Great stamps and themes for N, love that polar bear stamp.

viridian said...

A lovely tour through various countries. I appreciate the mineral stamps!

VioletSky said...

I have seen the Northern Lights, but they have been very faint, not at all as luminous as these.
Seeing that caribou makes me wonder how they can stand - and walk - with such antlers!