Sunday, 19 November 2017

Post Carriers

2013: Europa- Postman's Van
We've come to the letter P so it was irresistible for me to feature post.  Lisbon's iconic Belem Tower graces this miniature sheet featuring the Groupil G3 electric van both at rest and in action in what looks a very ergonomic side access for the postie.  The wonderful posthorn and rider symbol on the van reminds me of the days when transport of mail was more difficult
1963: Centenary of Paris Postal Conference
and the stagecoach is a perennial favourite with stamp designers for which must be an irresistible combination of horses, people, ornate carriages and speed.
1964: Stamp Day (Designer A Heidrich; Engraver: Barbara Kowalska)
This 18th Century Stagecoach is from a painting by Jozef Brodowski and I am not sure if this is the elder Brodowski or younger, I suspect the latter because of the horses that appear in his paintings. I wonder where the carriage is heading?  Perhaps it is Poznan
1960: Historic Polish Cities (Designer W Chomicz; Engraver Eugeniusz Tirdiszek
where you can see the stagecoach entering stage left as it powers over the bridge towards the cathedral's bell towers in an age when they could never have dreamed of something like airmail.
2014: Aircraft Serving the Azores (Designer Francisco Galamba)
The first civilian test flight to the Azores was a Boeing sea plane in the 1930s which was 'only' carrying mail but this is a propeller driven Lockheed Constellation from the 1950s at the newly opened Santa Maria Airport.
1940: Centenary of the First Adhesive Postage Stamp - Penny Black
So stick on your stamps
2010: World Post Day (Design Maciej Jędrysik)
and these guys will take and deliver.  The illustrator Maciej Jędrysik's webpage shows this stamp as part of the integrated set and a FDC of a tightrope walking postie here (page down half way). His front page with other illustrations is here.  

Sunday Stamps II is at the letter P - for Poland, Portugal, Post, Poznan, Plane, Propeller and Postage Stamp gallop over to See It On A Postcard for more things starting with the Letter P.  


FinnBadger said...

Loving all the P connections.

Eva A. said...

The last stamp made me smile :D

Bob Scotney said...

May designers always use the stagecoach. Fine 'p' selection.

Ana said...

superb design for the World Post Day! I just love the idea behind it!

VioletSky said...

The modern e-van looks odd - but certainly safer and more comfortable than the stagecoaches of old!