Sunday, 8 October 2017


2015: Hubble - 25 Years of Space Exploration
The massive gas giant Jupiter whirls across a Jersey stamp featuring an image from the Hubble telescope "Jupiter's New Red Spot April 16th 2006".  This year the Juno space probe has been up close and personal sending back even more stunning images and detecting rivers of ammonia on Jupiter as it swings by the planet every 53 days - there is always more to discover and puzzle scientists about Jupiter.

Lets jump across our solar system
2015: 16th Island Games
and head to our own planet while our athletes defy gravity to hurdle at high speed.
Jump to net a ball.
Jump to smash a shuttlecock.
Jump to spike a volleyball and
2014: Glasgow Commonwealth Games (Design: Howard Brown)
Jump to block a ball.  I'll get another J in here for Jamaica who

1963: Definitive
 won the bronze medal at these Commonwealth games beating England 52 - 48.  Close but won at the final throw.
I can't quite make my mind up whether this is showing a throw or a grapple but I like this set of stamps by one of Royal Mail favourite designers Howard Brown.  Sports photographer Andy Hooper took the photographs for the stamps and Nanette Hooglsag created the illustrations.

More throwing, not people but 
1975: Pan American Games
javelins, here at the Pan American Games held in Mexico City.   From what I can gather Grenada didn't actually participate in these games but obviously were building up to it for they have participated in every other Pan American Games since 1987.
1958: Balkan Games
The Bulgarian's were definitely at the 1958 Balkan Games because they were hosting it in Sofia.

An entry to Sunday Stamps II prompt of the letter J - for Jersey, Jupiter, Jump, Judo, Javelin and Jamaica -jump over for more at See It On A Postcard


Heleen said...

Nice to see such a variety on the theme! Love the Jupiter-Jersey stamp :-)

viridian said...

Fun variety of stamps, and I really like the Jupiter one.

VioletSky said...

I have been avidly following the Juno probe. Seems I am much more interested in science and space now than I ever was when in school.
Great series of jumps. I particularly like the comparison of the starting stance of the two javelin throwers.

Bob Scotney said...

A great collection of sporting stamps and all for J

FinnBadger said...

I also love the Jupiter-Jersey stamp.

Eva A. said...

A lot of nice stamps!

John's Island said...

Hi Joy, Like they say, "Learn something new each day." Today your stamps taught me about Jersey, and I thank you for that. I can't say that I have seen a Jersey stamp in the past but I know about it now. Quick facts from the web: "Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France. A self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom, with a mix of British and French cultures, it’s known for its beaches, cliffside walking trails, inland valleys and historic castles."