Saturday, 21 October 2017


Cotman-Color Series Postcard KPPH 119 (Jarrold)
The lighthouse plays a very minor part in this postcard but as we are approaching All Souls Night or Halloween I thought the prayer featured on the card was appropriate as one's imagination wonders what is gathering in the darkness.  I'd always thought this was a Scottish verse but the Cornish are claiming it on this postcard although it is a rather random addition as nothing spooky seems to be occurring in the pictures.

The trip to Lands End here features the Armed Knight rocks (in Cornish - An Marogeth Arvowed) which is a popular subject for artists and photographers; further out (2k or over a mile) is the Longships Lighthouse built in 1875 to replace the 1795 one which was not high enough for the light to shine through storms.  The Romans called this area The Sea of Storms and countless ships have been lost here.

The postcard dates from the late 1960s and postie is driving a Morris van evocative of the era.  They would have posters on the side promoting the service or stamps but unfortunately this one cannot be read but his bag of letters looks full, probably with postcards bought from the land's end shop.  The signpost is one where lots of people have their picture taken for fingers can be altered to point the distance to your home.  On the downside you have to pay to access this part of England and today I  believe it is heavily commercialised with shops, restaurant etc but take a trip along the south west coastal path and the view is free.  

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Maria said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information about the views on the postcard. How I wish places of interest like these can stay as the way they are and not crowded by souvenir shops which kill the original feel of the place.

violet s said...

I have always wanted to visit Cornwall.
But, having heard about the hordes of tourists, I will content myself with tv shows like Doc Martin, Poldark, Wycliffe.

Heleen said...

The calm sea on the postcard does not make us aware of the 'other face' the sea can show, being the 'Sea of Storms'!

The mail van and the postman picking up mail of course are the icing on the cake :-)

Eva A. said...

I'm sure I would buy this very postcard to be sent from that mailbox, if I could find it.