Saturday, 14 October 2017

Autumn Walks

 The words on the card I think might mean Autumn Greetings in Finnish although 'ruska' on its own is autumn colour so maybe the words mean colourful autumn greetings.   I received this card one August and Eeva said it would soon be the best time to go to Lapland.  I believe the further north you travel in Finland the more vibrant the colours not to mention the fact that the northern lights might be weaving their magic.

Looks like our hiker might be heading to camp to toast her toes by the fire after her companion has removed those seriously large boots in the insert photo and everyone is getting ready to eat a lot of sizzling sausages. I would be looking forward to a nice cup of tea from that billy can but as we are in Finland I would guess that coffee would be on the menu although if we are lucky there might also be Glögi (heated sweet berry juice with lots of spices) .  Autumn is a beautiful time of year to take a walk, not only for the colours but the sound of crackling leaves as the breeze rustles the trees.

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violet s said...

We have had such warm weather here (literally since the first day of autumn, it became hotter than it was all summer) so our fall colours are way behind schedule. But, I agree, it is the best time for a walk. Like the idea of Glögi.

Maria said...

Wow! This postcard really makes me miss hiking in nature. I wish I can do it here in Washington, USA. Hopefully, the weather will be nice one of the weekends that I'm here. Thanks for sharing and have a nice week ahead!

Heleen said...

A beautiful postcard, making me long for for walking there, too :-) Thank you for sharing!