Saturday, 30 September 2017

Wild Ireland

This card makes me want to jump on a ferry and travel, perfect blue skies and a trip into wild Ireland what could get better.  The card came from Emma who lives in the south east of Ireland which is nowhere near any of the counties in the photographs but she will only be a car drive away to get out and about.

Postcards for the Weekend theme - Touristic Multi-View Cards - travel at Connections to the World


VioletSky said...

Perfect blue skies is not what I think of when I think of Ireland. So, perhaps it is good to have such a multiview postcard to save for yourself if you go to see these counties!

Eva A. said...

This is the most perfect multi-view I've seen. Nine postcards in one!

Maria said...

Oh my, exactly the same thoughts I was having while staring at the postcard (even before reading your write-up below it!) I totally agree with you!!

Thanks for sharing this postcard.

william charles said...

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linda clark said...

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