Saturday, 9 September 2017

Nova Scotia

The postcard says on the back "This blacksmith's shop shown here circa 1910, has always been an important focus for community life in Sherbrooke".  The village is on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia by the St Mary River and indeed the blacksmiths shop is still there but as part of the Sherbrooke Living Museum which is open during the summer months.  If you have ever had a yen to be a blacksmith then the resident blacksmith runs training courses.

The postcard of course shows a working blacksmith and the gathered crowd, the blacksmiths leaning against the door opening. I especially like the bare footed boy at the front with his shoes in his hand, has he photo bombed the scene or is he the horse holders son who had gone for a paddle in the river while the horse was shod?  The sociable nature of the Joe McLane's shop is mentioned in 'The History of Sherbrooke Village' which says:-
"His shop was a modest size square building, about 22' wide, with a coal burning forge.  The McLane Blacksmith Shop was a busy but sociable place in those days. A fresh bucket of water hung by the door and people could help themselves, and then stop for a chat. The makings of farm implements,carts, plows, tools, chains, sled runners, as well as shoeing horses were all part of the work done by the blacksmith".

Postcards for the Weekend theme - Monochrome -  Connections to the World


Eva A. said...

Quite an interesting postcard. Thanks for sharing also the link with the actual view.

Maria said...

Vintage monochromes are always mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing this postcard, Joy and for congratulating me on my promotion. I wish you a nice week ahead and see you again here at blogger next weekend! :)