Sunday, 24 September 2017

Hungarian Horses

1973: Hungarian Medal Winners, Munich Olympics
Hungary is a horse loving nation and horses make a lot of appearances on their stamps. Here is András Balczó leaping into view in the show jumping and winning the Modern Pentathlon gold medal at the Munich Olympic games.
1974: Centenary of the Universal Postal Union (Designer: Adam Czilényi)
Of course the stage coach with galloping horses was a popular subject for a lot of countries in UPU's centenary year.
1977: Historic Horse Drawn Vehicles
More white horse of the same decade make an appearance pulling an  Omnibus of 1870.

The major horse racing venue is Budapest's Kincsem Park named after a legendary racehorse that won every race (54). Kincsem means My Precious or My Treasure. I don't know if she appeared on any of Hungary's stamps but racehorses certainly do
1961: Racehorses
A few from the set designed by Adam Czilényi (1909-1998) which have been described as like a motion picture. A prolific graphic designer he produced 250 stamps for Hungary alone and over 1000 overall. 
I imagine it is far harder to fall off in a trotting race but hopefully everyone will arrive safely at the finish line and not be taken away in one of these -
1961: Health

Sunday Stamps II has drawn up at the letter H - here for Horses, Hungary and Health - gallop over to See It On A Postcard for more


viridian said...

I have posted some stamps with horses also!

FinnBadger said...

How funny, I was just at Bob's link, where he has a Hungarian stamp, and then at Viridian's, where she has horses. And now you have covered both!! The extra long stamps are really interesting, love how that format allows for multiple horses on each one.

Heleen said...

A beautiful collection!
I especially love the 1973 Olympics and the 1961 health stamps :-)

violet s said...

The long stamps are really nice.

♥ Willa @ Postage Journal♥ said...

What a beautiful set of stamps. H is also for Horses :)

Eva A. said...

Very, very nice!

Bob Scotney said...

I have just got out my album to recheck my hungarian stamps. So many o your post looked familiar so I was surprised to see that they were all new to me.

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