Sunday, 30 April 2017

Royal Costumes

1963: National Symbols
Queen Nefertiti has appeared on many Egyptian stamps and I'm presuming the hieroglyphs are her name but then have little knowledge of  hieroglyphs at all but it must be one of the most beautiful of the written languages.
1973-79 Definitives (Engraver and Designer Czeslaw Slania)
Another queen, but this time of Denmark, Queen Margrethe, who is also the Queen of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The stamp shows her at the age of 33 in Greenland's national costume and as the queen is an accomplished artist the crowned monograph is one she designed herself. 
1997: Queen Margrethe of Denmark. 25 Years
Here she is on a commemorative sheet of the Faroe Islands this time in Faroese national costume.  Each year she and her husband sail on a summer cruise to visit these northern islands mostly on the royal yacht 'Dannebrog' (which is named after the flag of Denmark).  Built in the early 1930s and with an overhaul in the 1980s it is still in fine shape to travel Danish waters following in the tradition of her sailor father
1950: Definitive (Design: Viggo Bang Engraver: Bent Jacobsen)
King Frederik IX who was educated at the Danish Royal Naval Academy and served in the Danish navy for many years and famously had many tattoos from his time at sea.
1964-68 Defintives (Designer and Engraver: Czeslaw Slania)
Here he is in a traditional Greenlandic anorak.

An entry to Sunday Stamps II - Kings and Queens - be royally entertained at See It On A Postcard.



FinnBadger said...

I am in love with the Egyptian stamp - wow.

viridian said...

Love all of these.

Bob Scotney said...

A beautiful stamp of Queen Margerthe. I've lots of Danish stamps but none for Greenland or the Faroes.

VioletSky said...

I love these stamps of Queen Margarethe.
Is it just me who has not noticed bow ties on naval uniforms?

Eva A. said...

I didn't expect Queen Nefertiti!
The stamp isn't exactly Egyptian, but from the UAR. A rare one!