Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Greetings

2017: Easter Greetings
Catkins are part of the rhythm of the seasons, the thin ones in February often seen on a misty drizzly day and then the plump pussy willow that appear in April.  Finland post says "Catkins bring the promise of spring", they are also part of the Finnish Easter tradition.  The artist Maarit Ailio likes painting with watercolours and says  "catkins are nature’s own treasures". This pretty stamp came through my postbox this week as did
2017: Carousel
this carousel issued for the festive spring season. The stamp design is by the illustrator and and fabric pattern designer Minna Havas who says "Old circus aesthetics is very fascinating. It was very inspiring to design the Carousel stamp and the ornamental patterns on the horse. The stamp conveys both joy and beauty".
2011: Handicrafts (Hong Kong/ Romania Joint Issue)
   It will soon be time to open your chocolate Easter eggs, if you have managed to resist so far, or if it is your tradition to roll eggs on Easter Monday then you are probably busy painting or dying them now.   In Eastern Europe they take egg painting to another level.   Romanians paint the eggs  in natural dyes using the symbolic colours of  red, yellow, blue, green and black as can be seen on the stamp.   It is customary to knock each other’s eggs during Easter, and it is believed that people who knock each other’s eggs will see each other again after death.  On that cheery note I wish you all a Happy Easter.

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FinnBadger said...

The Finnish stamps are lovely, and the Hong Kong stamps shows impressive detail. Happy Easter!

Eva A. said...

I have a thing for carousels...

viridian said...

What a lovely egg stamp from Hong Kong!

Bob Scotney said...

Three super Easter stamps, especially the Hong Kong egg.