Saturday, 29 April 2017

Rivers in Season

An autumnal day with the mist lying on the fells obscuring them from view and the peat bog lying brown and benign above the waterfall, unless the unwary walker treads in the wrong place. This wet area gives rise to three rivers including the River Eden of which Hell Gill Force is its first large waterfall as it starts its journey dropping through a limestone gorge.  Like many rivers the Eden forms a boundary and this is one between the counties of Cumbria and Yorkshire.
What is nicer than an amble along a river on a summer's day? Here is the River Dove in Derbyshire where I suspect there must be a large car park nearby from the crowds of people taking pleasure from the day in all in one spot.  This is a Dennis postcard, a company who are credited with being the first producers of postcards in Britain (1894), but of course we are way down the line from that date.  They started to produce 'Photocolour' cards (of which this is one) in the 1960s and there is no doubt that our river walkers look to be from that era.  

Postcards for the Weekend theme - Any Water Form - splash around at Connections to the World 


John's Island said...

Hi Joy, Nice cards, enjoyed your post. Had to smile and wonder if there is any spiritual connection re Eden and the river Hell. :-) One thing I enjoy about our old postcards is seeing the way people dress. Had to smile again about the 60s look in that second card. Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

Hi Joy! Both cards are beautiful but I can't help but enjoy more the second postcard with the green landscape, flowing blue river, in what seems to be a nice shiny & bright day :D Have a nice week ahead!

DawnTreader said...

I can almost hear the sound of the water... :)