Sunday, 12 February 2017

Western Shores

The wonderfully ornate Belem Tower (built in 1515) guards the entrance to Lisbon's harbour on this Maximum Card.  There will be no postal deliveries to the fort but Portugal's biggest urban centres  such as Lisbon and Porto have seen a postal vehicle silently gliding through the streets since 2011
2013: Europa - Postman's Van
which is the environmentally friendly electric Groupil G3 seen on the stamp issued to celebrate the Postman's Van, the cancel made me see the battery instantly and then notice it on the stamp.

Having sailed along the River Tagus and left Lisbon's harbour. given a wave to the tourists on the top of Belem Tower on the way past, then hugged the Atlantic coastline of Portugal and Spain it takes us ultimately to the calmer waters of the Mediterranean after calling in at its gateway, Gibraltar.    
2012: Europa - "Visit"
A popular stopping off place for cruise ships and yachts.

The stamps 10p and 44p stamps show aerial views while the 42p takes us to the top of the rock and the Moorish Castle's Tower (built AD711).
To plunge to the depths of St Michael's Cave with its stalagmites and stalactites (51p), out into the sunlight again and the (54p) Europa Point lighthouse, which at Gibraltar's most southerly location looks towards Africa. Lastly the 66p shows Eliott's Column in the Alameda Botanical Gardens.  The column was erected to the memory of George Elliot who commanded the British garrison and fortress during The Great Siege of 1779-1783 against the forces of Spain and France in the American War of Independence.

Sunday Stamps II theme - Western Hemisphere - Go West for more at See It On A Postcard     


FinnBadger said...

Fascinating to see some Gibraltar stamps - thanks for sharing them - they are lovely.

Maria said...

It's so nice for me to see stamps from countries not featured often within our sharing group. Thanks for sharing Joy!

Bob Scotney said...

The Gibraltar stamps are all superb.