Friday, 10 February 2017


"Divin baiser, soupir du coeur, est toujours l'éternel vainqueur"
For love and romance this week I'm travelling by postcard to France. Oh la la, a bouquet of flowers and a kiss complete with a haiku like rhyming poem which translates as - "Divine kiss, sigh of the heart, is always the eternal winner".  I like the artifice that we see the loving couple perhaps while walking past an open window. 

The initials ELD at the bottom right are the publishers E. Le Deley who resided in the city of romance, Paris (it was a family business who published postcards from 1900 to 1930). They produced black and white cards of life on the western front during World War One and published in the dual languages of French and English for the troops to send home to the ones they loved. 
The card is unsent but probably from 1907-1912

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Helen said...

A lovely card for the topic de jour! Thanks for posting it.

John's Island said...

Hi Joy, Another perfect entry for Postcards for the Weekend! Love the haiku! There is something about these old cards. Hard to pin it down, I guess I just like the style! Somehow I did not get around to leaving you a comment on last weekend's postcards... happiness. I do like that card with the pretty girl and all the flowers. Don't those seem like peaceful times? And, yes, happiness! A nice post there, and in between, wow, what a wonderful post with all the stamps (Sunday Stamps). My goodness, you have a wonderful collection of stamps! And I must compliment you on the way you get those stamps into the post, enlarged and easy to see all the details. Excellent! Thank you for sharing, Joy!

Heleen said...

A very romantic scenery!
Thank you also for the informaion about the card publisher. I never have wondered about the history (including editors) of postcards so far, but indeed it is interesting to know more about it - the bilingual, and who sent from where to where.
Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

Love the expression on their faces! I also like the artifice proposed by this card, Joy. Thanks for sharing and yes, thanks too for the information about the publisher.

Eva A. said...

Perfect Valentine!