Friday, 17 February 2017

An Old Friend

This bike has seen better days as indeed has my own, but we share lots of memories. Eeva translated the poem for me as -

"Sometimes we stopped by a neighbour, and had coffee with buns. Time went by , we had a good time together - and still have".

The card came with this stamp
2011: 100th Anniversary Kaj Frank
which makes me think perhaps the hand is just starting to make some Finnish cinnamon buns (traditionally served with coffee).  

The postcard is part of a series of summer poem cards featuring bicycles, flowers and all things of the season with poems that encourage warm thoughts of past summer days and perhaps gratitude for the people and places that have inhabited them.  

Postcards for the Weekend theme - Gratitude -  at  Connections to the World


Helen said...

I am always very grateful to my bicycle because it carries me everywhere that I want to go. I don't ride as much recently because I walk more for fitness, but riding bicycles around my city helped me learn where everything was long before Google Maps were around!

A lovely card, stamp, and take on the theme. Thanks for posting them.

Maria said...

My visit to Sweden, neighboring country of Finland made me fall in love with kannelbullar. Looks like it's a Scandic thing to eat cinnamon rolls. In my family it's a tradition to sit together after work for rolls and coffee prior to dinner. Thanks for making me reminisce those moments Joy! And oh, definitely love postcards with poetry on them. Have a nice weekend!

John Edwards said...

My bike was my biggest friend when I was a young teenager. It took me all over the country where I met so many interesting people and saw great sights. A great idea for this week's theme.

DawnTreader said...

Oh yes, the cinnamon buns are very much Swedish too :) They even have their own day in our calendar here: 4th October. (I remember because a it's also a certain friend's birthday...)

John's Island said...

Hi Joy, Much gratitude for your post, sharing the interesting card and including the link to the Finnish Cinnamon buns! I **should** be able to find those buns somewhere in Seattle, since we are so big on coffee and on things from Scandinavia. However, if not, at least I know where a recipe can be found! :-) Have a fine weekend!

Eva A. said...

I love the postcard and the idea behind. Nothing best that a good conversation with a friend & a good coffee/tea!