Sunday, 25 September 2016

Colours from Guernsey

1994: Europa - European Discoveries
A gorse fire on Guernsey in 1972 led to the rediscovery of Les Fouaillages, an ancient burial ground some 7000 years old. On investigation the site contained clues of what had happened over all those ancient times, from the arrival of the first farmers to the sand wave which engulfed the area 900 years ago.   They also discovered that when the original burial chamber was sealed a wooden structure had been built on top.
The stamps show anticlockwise from the bottom left  24p - the site as it is now and would have been. 30p - some of the most significant finds; the pots from c4,500BC, arrowheads from 2,500BC and a polished stone axe whose date lies somewhere in the middle of that period which I suppose shows the continual occupation of the site.  The warrior whose burial is featured was put to rest clothed in a woven material and accompanied by his sword, spear, shield, knife and bronze rings. The second 30p value depicts some of those artifacts.  The last 24p stamp shows the warrior in full flight as envisioned by the stamp designer Miranda Schofield, one of whose areas of expertise is the illustration of archaeological finds. While trying to find information about her (largely unsuccessful) I discovered there used to be something called the Ancient Monuments Drawing Office, one of the organisations we have to thank for illustrating historical sites and finds.  In modern times with the advent of the digital age this tends to be done by the excavating group. 

I liked those flashes of yellow on Miranda Schofield's stamps but for a more all over effect here are some flowers
1993: Guernsey Flowers
 and appropriate for this time of year, a spray of chrysanthemum.  Happily this set of 'Guernsey Flowers' also includes an orange one
the wonderfully named Enchantment Lily. Apart from being enchanting to look at it must be an enchantment for gardeners for it will grow in any soil, is hardy and easy to grow.  The stamps are by Guernsey's long time favourite for flower stamps, painter and illustrator Roger Gorringe. 

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Eva A. said...

The first set is very interesting. And so are the second and third stamps, besides eye-catching.

FinnBadger said...

Great choices, really interesting set on the rediscovery of Les Fouillages (which I've never heard of - thanks for educating me).

Bob Scotney said...

You surprise me every time you post stamps from Guernsey. I hadn't heard of Les Fouillages either. The flower stamps are beautiful.

Maria said...

I enjoyed reading the info and looking at this stamps. It's that same joy I get when I go to museums and there are so many things to learn. :D

Heleen said...

Very interesting information on pretty stamps! And amazing that the info of thousands of years ago still is known now.