Saturday, 24 September 2016

Autumn in Ontario

Another lake this week but here the 'Postcard for the Weekend' is enjoying the Fall in Canada. This, the most populous province of Canada, has many lakes but takes its name from Lake Ontario, known by the Huron Nation as the Lake of Shining Waters, in the Huron language - ontarío.

The reflective view shows a slight ripples in the water as perhaps a gentle zephyr blows across the lake rustling the leaves, some floating silently through the air to the ground.  I was told as a child if you catch a falling leaf you can make a wish.  Not as easy as it sounds.

Maria asks the participants of this meme about Autumn light and the colours in our own countries.  Like the card I think the best time to see the colours is on a blue sky day when they seem to sing.  The light will start to slant as the year advances and the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun, lighting things in a different way.  For me the season has a rhythm of colour.  One of the roads that leads into the town where I live is tree lined and those are the trees where the branches will start to change colour first, this year in August.  For autumn's end I always visit the Rusland beeches, trees lining a twisting sheltered valley road whose colour will be vivid and are always the last to change colour in November.  Autumn's encore.

Postcards for the Weekend theme this week is Fall Colour see the season at Connections to the World

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Maria said...

Oh Joy! Thanks so much for your beautiful postcard and write up about autumn and your experience with it.

And also, this postcard gave me the idea -- we need a "reflections" theme for one of these upcoming weekends :D

John Edwards said...

"Lake of Shining Waters" - what a wonderful name. I never knew that was what Ontario meant and I shall never see the name again without thinking of it. And a postcard that lives up to the name. Thankyou.

Eva A. said...

This is a great postcard. I didn't know about the name "Ontario".