Sunday, 24 January 2016

Cycling Work and Play

Looks a pleasant place to relax and check ones map while travelling through the Åland Islands.  
1991: Tourism (Designer: Anni Wikberg)
Featuring a tandem the stamp is from the Norden series whose common theme in 1991 was Tourism and was also the first time Åland (together with the Faroes and Greenland) had joined the other Nordic Countries in issuing Norden stamps showing Scandinavian culture across the region (the first issues started in 1956).

If our cyclists are on holiday they will want to send postcards and in Slovenia they might be delivered like this
2013: Europa Postal Vehicles
on a Krpan mail bicycle, which is named after the Slovenian folk hero Martin Krpan who had superhuman strength in the stories told by Fran Levstik.  It was especially developed for mail delivery by Pošta Slovenije and is made with a reinforced aluminium frame.  First going into production in 2001 it has a low centre of gravity for stability and can carry quite a lot for the maximum permitted weight is 200kg (the bike weight is 25kg) also a trailer can be attached.
2013: Europa Postal Vehicles
Here is postal vehicle that comes with an integrated cart.  The Nihola electrical transport bicycle is made in Copenhagen by the company that started out building family bikes that could carry two small children and groceries.  The stamp was issued as a commemorative sheet and also as self-adhesive stamps  
2021: Europa 'Visit'
Staying with the enthusiastic cycling country of Denmark here is one of their famous Christiania Bikes with Pierrot and Harlequin in charge.  These three wheelers seem to be able to do everything and one of the light weight models even comes with an integrated parasol.  The Christiania site shows all the ways their three wheeler can be used here in addition to transporting small children  
The first Christiania Bikes 1984

An entry to Sunday Stamps II theme - Cycles: bi, tri, motor - see more pedal power over here 


Eva A. said...

All these stamps are beauties. I had never seen any of them.

FinnBadger said...

I am amazed that everyone's stamps are different so far today. I am also amazed that mail is delivered by bicycle still in some countries.

Bob Scotney said...

The Slovenian stamp is very effective. We still see the occasional postie with a bike - usually when his van has broken down.

Ana said...

one of my unfulfilled dreams is to go on a road trip with a bike...looking at that Åland issue just gets me dreaming about it...and from what I could get based on today's posts, it is more common for postal workers to deliver mail by a van than a the mailmen are still on bicycles, rain or shine...

VioletSky said...

I have only ever seen mail carriers walking - or in a van for parcel deliveries. I like the idea of using a bike.
Taking a cycling tour was also once a dream of mine, now replaced for a five star cruise....

Heleen said...

Beautiful stamps, all of them!

Here in the Netherlands many mailmen/women are delivering mail by bicycle, I see them often (and seeing them makes me happy :-) ). But they never have been honoured by a stamp so far (except for one, illustrated on one stamp out of a 20 stamps December stampssheet).

jenclair said...

I LOVE these stamps and have two friends who are avid cyclists!