Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Sea for All Seasons

The Baltic Sea is brackish, its low salt content and its location at 53°N-66°N means that most years 45% of the surface is covered in ice in winter, the ice peaks in February.   My postcrossing friend Eeva has recently sent me four cards from Finland where she shows what it is really like, so here comes Eeva's wonderful world. This first card is what it looks like now, I think this how the seals like it.
A March view.  In southern Finland the spring is arriving, in the north it is still winter. The first geese and whooper swans arrive.
This card Eeva thinks is probably April. The days are lengthening and sometimes warm but there is still plenty of snow. Late April is the busiest time for bird migration.  June is the time of the midnight sun but here
comes summer.  It is said that the Baltic geology resembles a riverbed and I think this shows it to perfection, that and the fact I can imagine paddling in this wonderfully clear water, the sunlight rippling on the surface. 


Jocelyn said...

Fantastic post! It is wonderful to see a part of someone else's world at different times of the year - but I wander what the temperature of that water is even in summer???

Emille said...

Had to hop over here, because my son went in Oct. to the Netherlands to live, and his first job (he convinced them he could do it without knowing any Dutch)is to be a postman! I'm glad they don't know the expression here in the US "going postal":):)

Beautiful views of the Baltic sea! especially the last pic!

Titania said...

Jo, an interesting post, because it is so far from us I practically never thought about the Baltic sea. So different from ours. We can swim in the sea for so many month. The sea is every where beautiful.