Friday, 3 February 2012

Candy Floss

Ah the relief to kick off ones shoes and just relax.  Here the Aunties are having fun eating candy floss, I love how Inge Löök has made the tree flowers look like candy floss too.  Maybe they are the bees equivalent. My sender Ilona says Inge Löök's old ladies are her favourites. She likes their attitude and hopes to be like them when she grows old.  Luckily she has a quirky friend to share this time of life.  The card came with an appropriate stamp -
one of the "With Friendship - Kiss" stamp booklet from January 2004.  These stamps showed people at different times of life and of course this one is old age. The words are from the singer/songwriter Juice Leskinen (1950-2006).  How to translate them with no knowledge of Finnish?  Bearing in mind that it is probably a song line so might be obscure anyway, but hey ho here goes:  Kiss the other cheek. If you can hear your heart.  (Correct translations welcome from any Finns out there)

I'll end with Juice Leskinen song


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