Wednesday, 1 February 2012

China Town Arch

I'm continuing my Chinese theme from Sunday with this card of Evel Penguinei at the Chinese Arch, China Town, Liverpool.  In 2009 Go Penguin was the finale to Liverpool's Year of the Environment when penguins in various costumes were placed in iconic parts of Liverpool and surrounding areas.  A fun idea which also had a serious message, to highlight the impact we all have on climate change and how a few small changes in the way we live can make a difference to the planet.

Liverpool's Imperial Arch is the largest outside of China. Standing 15 meters (50 feet) tall and spanning the street.  The arch has 200 Dragons and five roofs and was shipped from Shanghai in China piece by piece, the whole arch was put together in time for the annual Chinese New Year celebrations held in this area every year.

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