Saturday, 24 July 2010

Ulverston Post Office

The main post office on County Square. This card is probably from the late 1970s.  Ulverston is a small market town with narrow streets.  This one would be considered quite wide in comparison and leads out onto the main road.  The square has recently had a 'make over' but would still be recognisable from this photo.  The postal vans are kept round the back.
From an older time, possibly the 1920s, when it looks as though there was just one long street.  I think the post office was possibly built in 1875.  The inside has been modernised but is still quite a spacial place.

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Greyscale Territory said...

Fascinating background on Ulverston post office! Now I have an idea of Ulverston in the UK! There is Ulverston in the north of Tasmania, (where I lived for two years before moving to Melbourne!) Nice to see its namesake!

Thank you for contributing to my Weekend Mailbox again! said...

I really like the 1920's Ulverston card. Interesting to see the post office several decades later ... even though a 1960's pre-fab concrete building seems to have been built next to it.