Monday, 26 July 2010


Card received from Germany, not a country associated with dolphins, but I'll go with the sentiment of being a dolphin's friend. From the Omega Dolphin Therapy website it says it is a facility in Turkey helping children with mental and physical problems by being in contract with dolphins.

The card came with the pretty German flower stamp and one of the Undo Lindenberg stamps issued on
the 1st July this year.  This is his design and celebrates his song, 'Special Train to Pankow', sung to the tune of Chattanooga Choo Choo. 
Lindenberg is a German rock musician who in the time of a divided Germany wanted to play in the DDR. (Pankow was a district of eastern Berlin , home to the communist elite).  He got his wish in 1983 and sang in the  Palace of the Republic in East Berlin but was told not to sing Special Train to Pankow, which satirised the East German leader Erich Honecker, (words here) of course he ignored that instruction.  His permit to tour was withdrawn.  Twenty years later there was an anniversary celebration of this event and a real train decorated by Lindenberg set off across Berlin with 13 carriages (for the 13 years since reunification). 
He continues his political activity into the present day and founded Rock Against Right Wing Violence in 2000.

A nice clear postmark of Halle on the stamp which is where my sender lives.  But here for a clearer view is the stamp without a postmark.
Halle, my sender tells me, is "a 1200 year old town in East Germany and the birth place of the world known composer G F Handel".

The card travelled 660 miles (1,062km) and took 5 days. Thank you Hans-werner. 


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extremely nice card with nice stamps