Sunday, 26 April 2020

Flying In

1986: Europa - Nature Conservation (Design - F Matheson)
Where once the airplanes and roaring trucks would drown out a birds song now in these lockdown days their songs fill the air.  The stamp has the not so snappy title of  - 'Prudence in the urbanisation and fight against litter dumping' but of course the picture says it all.
Greenland Post Maximum Card 25/90
Taking to the seas and the Long-tailed skuas which are the smallest of the skua family and always on the move. 
1990: Birds IV (Design - Jens Rosing)
The stamp is postmarked Ammassalik, an island off the south east coast of Greenland, it is where the much celebrated Greenlandic stamp designer Jens Rosing (1925-2008) grew up.  The transport links on and off the island are by boat or helicopter.  I wonder which mode of transport
1958: Air - International Correspondence Week (Design - J Vertel)
the post takes.
1996: Norway Post 350th Anniversary. NORWEB 97 (Design - S Morken)
It would be nice to land in a fjord in a seaplane and in keeping with my vaguely avian theme it is called The Tern.  As post bags are moved onto the wing past the propeller then
1986-87: The Post - Past and Present (Design - K Oberli)
we arrive at the jet age in Switzerland but still with postbags on a trolley.
2013: Europa - Postal Vehicles (Design - Colleen Corlett)
In the 21st Century these large aluminum aircraft 'pods' on trailers are pulled by specialist Jersey Post vehicles.  Once the mail has been security scanned it is loaded directly onto Atlantic Airlines Lockheed Electra aircraft.  Bulk mail is sent by sea.

Sunday Stamps II theme this week - Things that fly - swoop over to See It On A Postcard


FinnBadger said...

Incredible to see all the images and videos of nature adapting to us humans being less active.

And incredible (not to mention sad) to see the impact of the pandemic on international mail delivery.

Your stamps are apt for today's (hopefully temporary) world.

Mail Adventures said...

The first stamp and its title have impressed me.

viridian said...

Lovely array of stamps today!!!

violet s said...

I am hoping to hear even more birdsong now with all the construction on hold around me.
Those guys on the seaplane must have very good balance!

Heleen said...

Such a beautiful collection of stamps!

I love them all, being the first one my favourite, because of the story telling - even though it makes sad, as we've seen a lot of nature disappear. And it makes me think of the animation movie of little Mole (Krtek), from the sixties tv but still available on youtube.
On the other hand, we are part of this urbanization/industralisation and it is hard to give up our present way of (consuming) living, I'm afraid.

Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful stamps!

Bob Scotney said...

That Greenland maxi card is great but then I like all bird stamps.