Sunday, 19 April 2020


1962: Child Welfare - Butterflies (Design - Carl Oskar Blase)
In the 1960s Germany produced a series of wildlife stamps with block coloured backgrounds so here are the blue ones starting with this 'Scarce swallowtail'.  A curious name as it is indeed scarce in the UK and Scandinavia but commonly seen all over Europe with the exception of Portugal and Spain who have their own slightly different Scarce swallowtail.
1963: Child Welfare (Design - Schiller)
A kingfisher ready to dive into the blue water

1965: Child Welfare - Birds (Design - Froitscheim)

and a Western Capercaillie with its mating display.  An extraordinary noise will be coming out of the open beak which sounds a bit like like horses hooves and the popping of a champagne cork.
1999: Europa - Parks and Gardens (Design - Silvia Runge)

For wildlife watching visit the Berchtesgaden National Park. Annually a million visitors will arrive in the National Park but the wildlife will have it all to themselves this year.

Haverigg Kite Festival

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is Blue - See It On A Postcard.


FinnBadger said...

Fantastic vintage stamps. The minisheet is wonderful.

Bob Scotney said...

Great selection but my wife fncies the champagne.

viridian said...

The Europa stamp and surrounding material is beautiful.

Mail Adventures said...

I also love that minisheet a lot.

violet s said...

Am off to find the capercaillie's bizarre sounds now.
Some national parks could do with a rest from humans. (beautiful souvenir sheet)