Sunday, 22 March 2020

Signs of Spring

2006: Seasons (Design - Graf)
Frothy spring blossom is always a delight
2014: British Flora - Spring (Design - Kate Stephens)
but the humble celandine also brings joy and receives the name of  'spring messenger' for the traditional belief that it flowered on 21st February.  Wordsworth may be famous for his 'Daffodils' poem but he wrote three poems about the celandine.  A lover of damp places it will have enjoyed the recent weather although this week we have had a glorious run of sunny days showing spring in perfection.
2005: Signs of Spring (Design -Kerstin Olsson-Gronvik)
Sweden chose as their 'Signs of Spring' flowers - the pretty Lily of the Valley, the Yellow Star of Bethlehem and a Pasque Flower (sometimes called the Anemone of Passiontide).  Lastly is one of my favourites, the Wood Anemone which carpet the ground in ancient woodlands.
1973: Tulip Exports
Spring brings the joy of flowers but also
2017: Song Birds (Artist - Frederico Gemma; Design - Osborn Ross)
of bird song and I enjoyed my first skylark song of the season last week. My favourite time is the nesting season when they shoot up in the air and sing to distract but in fact enchant.  As a bonus I include the Goldcrest for the rather nice postmark.  Their notes are so high that sometimes older birders loose the ability to hear it but maybe they will be alerted to it by those in the spring of their lives.

Hedgerow Daffodils

Sunday Stamps II theme this week - Signs of Spring - enjoy more at See It On A Postcard 



Mail Adventures said...

All these stamps are a delight to see!
The Dutch one is completely new to me, how original.

FinnBadger said...

Wonderful stamps. I loved the songbirds set (although never received any). My favorite here is the German Seasons stamp - stunning.

violet s said...

I like the pasque flower for its burst of colour, but I always look forward to smelling Lily of the Valley.

viridian said...

Lovely stamps today.

Bob Scotney said...

I have seen the first celandines this week. You have shown us a lovely selection today.