Sunday, 23 February 2020

Into the Woods

1980: The Forest in Four Seasons (Design - Walter Wachter; Engraver - Wolfgang Seidel)
The zing of fresh green has arrived (in stamps) - "Beeches on Matrula in Spring", Liechtenstein.
1976: Centenary of Swiss Federal Forest Law - 'Conserve the Forest'
I like seeing the intricate shapes of trees in winter so this artists view lets me see both the green and those amazing branches.
2011: Europa - Forests (Design Christian Broutin and Barbara Kekus-Slizowska)
One could perhaps visit a wood with this stamp in hand to identify all that could be found there.
1968: Birds (Design - Walter Wehinger)
A flash of colour in a branch above is a Northern Bullfinch.  Sit very quietly and perhaps a
1967: Animals (Design - Celestino Piatti)
a roe deer will observe you from a distance
1953: Air - Forest Animals
or a magnificent fallow deer
1953: Air - Forest Animals
and a red fox trot by.
2019: Forests (Design - Up Creative Consultants)
The full forest view can be seen in the Snowdonia National Park in Wales but a picnic is best taken sitting by water and in Northern Ireland's Glenariff Forest the sound of water falling would be very restful 
1951: 1st Anniversary of 5 Year Plan (Design - S Legrady)
unless someone had brought an accordion.

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is - The Colour Green - See It On A Postcard


violet s said...

I was feeling so calm until we got to Hungary!

FinnBadger said...

I love all the trees and forests on your green collection... and the storyline, of course.

Mail Adventures said...

Nice stamps and nice wording.
I love the French stamp, where every tree is made of a leaf.

Bob Scotney said...

A super selection. I feel as if I know the wood on the first stamp. The bull finch however has bit of a beer belly!