Sunday, 3 November 2019

Sing Out

1988: Youth Welfare - Pop Music (Design - Antonia Graschberger)
Time for a music concert.  Who would headline?   Would it be John Lennon
2017: David Bowie
David Bowie
2000: The Millennium Issue 3, 1970-1999 (Design - Olöf Baldursdottir)
Ungdomskultur = Youth Culture
or Abba?  Always a joy to sing along to Abba perhaps you could do it with others
1987: 125th Anniversary of German Choir Assn (Design - Peter Steiner)
in a choir.
1996: Four Decades (Design - Lasse Åberg; Engraver - Lars Sjööblom)
Can't make the venue?  Well put on a record like this Zoot suiter.  The Zoot suit culture arrived in Sweden from America via London in 1941 influenced by Cab Callaway, black style and swing jazz. It is considered Sweden's first working class subculture, in Swedish called Swingpjatt. As can be seen on the stamp  they wore their hair long with wide brimmed hats and padded shoulder jackets. 

A Gibson Les Paul Zoot Suit guitar

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is - Singers and Musicians - play along at See It On A Postcard 


Mail Adventures said...

It's curious to see a German stamp depicting John Lennon...

violet s said...

Yay, we have another David Bowie stamp!
I will still sing along to any ABBA I hear.
The outfits of both of these were outrageous. I'm not so sure the zoot suit was any more flattering. So that leaves John Lennon as the winner in the fashion dept ;)