Sunday, 10 November 2019


2006: Lest We Forget (Hat Trick Design)
For Remembrance Sunday my first stamp has to be a poppy for many will be worn today. This stamp was the first of 3 poppy series that were issued to commemorate events in World War 1, in this case the Battle of the Somme.  Over recent years we have had many issues commemorating both world wars and events but I go back further in time
1974: Definitive Issue Low Values - Military Uniforms
to the 19th Century and Guernsey's Royal Militia, a little bit of irony there for Guernsey fought for Parliament in the English Civil War.  There is a history of 800 years of a militia in the islands although the first recorded battle was not until 1338 predictably against their nearest neighbours, the French.  The militia were not paid and service was obligatory
although one did get to wear a snazzy uniform.   The stamps show - 5½p Colour-Sergeant of Grenadiers East (Town) Regiment 1833; 6p Officer, North Regiment (Light Infantry) 1832; 8p Field Officer, Rifle Company (2nd Royal Guernsey Light Infantry) 1868; 9p Private, 4th West Regiment 1785 and 10p Field Officer, 4th West Regiment 1824
The soldier featured on this FDC is a Sergeant of the 3rd Regiment which appeared on the 3½p stamp but who can resist a stamps with horses
The £1 stamp is a Cavalry Trooper, Light Dragoons 1814, the next two feature the Field Battery of the Royal Guernsey Artillery showing - 50p an officer of 1868 and the 20p the Driver 1848.

The Military Uniforms definitive series ran from 1974 until 1980 although the 50p and £1 stamps were not withdrawn until 1981.

Sunday Stamps II theme this week is - Military, Remembrance - See It On A Postcard


violet s said...

Oh my, those barbed poppies are so poignant!
Some of today's military uniforms look almost casual in comparison with these ones.

Eva said...

Yes, the first stamp is stirring.

Bob Scotney said...

The number of variations of poppy stamps never ceases to amaze me.